Pony Rides and Horse Ranch in Singapore

gallops stable

Some of the best family outings we’ve had were impromptu ones.

One such impromptu outing last Sunday led us to a rustic and idyllic place that seems out of the usual scene in our urban city.

A horse ranch, smacked right in Punggol.

We saw horses. Many of them.

punggol gallops stable

Wooden swings were aplenty, and the kids literally had a swinging good time.

punggol gallops stable for kids

Pony feeds were sold at $2 per packet. Although there was just one pony there for visitors to feed, it was enough for the kids, who went jittery the moment the pony’s wet tongue touched their tiny hands.

pony feeding singapore

Our trio were intrigued by the horses. Anyway, it is not everyday that you get to see a horse right here in Singapore.

horses in singapore

~ Up close and personal with Mr. Horse ~

At one point, one of the horses suddenly let out a sneezing sound, and the boys ran for their lives! It was hilarious!

singapore gallops stable

The highlight of the day was pony riding for the kids. This was our boys’ first experience riding on a pony. They were filled with anticipation while awaiting their turn. The moment they sat on the pony and it started trotting off, both boys had the same expression on their faces – a smile that seems to say, “Hey, this is cool!”

pony riding gallops stable

kids pony rides singapore

$10 for a 3-5 minutes pony ride seems not cheap, but it was a novel experience for our boys. So, no regrets for us.

Their verdict after the pony ride?
“It was bumpy, but very fun!”

pony riding for kids

And they wished to try it again.

Perhaps we might consider sending them for riding lessons.

We’ll see.

pony rides for kids

Visitors’ Info:
Locaton: 900 Punggol Road Singapore 829168
Tel: 6690 0900
Email: enquiry@punggolranch.com

Easy Easter Crafts

Easter has come and gone. In our years of celebrating Easter with our kids, I have not let them try painting on eggs before. Not even once.

Instead, we did other types of Easter eggs painting.

Such as these.

Marble Art Easter Eggs


This was created using paint and marbles, and cut into shapes of eggs before pasting them onto coloured paper.

Tapes and Paint Easter Eggs


These were very easily done too, using masking tapes and paint or water colours.

Stick the masking tapes in the shape of an egg, onto drawing paper.

Paint over the entire paper.


Peel off the masking tape and you’ll have a nicely painted Easter egg.


Hope your Easter was a great one!

Kids Talk

Now that our boys are bigger, I kind of miss their toddler years when they first discovered the skills of putting words into sentences. They would rattle off at every little thing. In case you haven’t noticed, most boys speak lesser and lesser as they grow older. No?

Children say the most innocent things sometimes. I looked through my old parenting blog and came across these conversations when our boys were 3 to 4 years old. They still make me smile today. I’m just glad I have these recorded.

On numbers

Jay: Mummy, two three is ‘twenty-three’?

Me: Yes.

Jay: So, zero three is it ‘zeroty-three’?

On cuteness

Jay: I don’t like Mrs Yap (one of his preschool teachers).

Me: Why?

Jay: She laughs at me.

Me: Oh, why does Mrs Yap laugh at you?

Jay (with a serious frown on his face): Because I’m very cute!

kids talk 2

On housefly

Jay saw a housefly and asked what that was. I told him that it is called “a housefly”. The word stuck to his mind but was somehow jumbled up. The next few times he saw that insect, he always exclaimed,

“Mummy, look, a flying house!”

On shapes

Jay has learnt the names of the more unusual shapes, such as pentagon, hexagon and octagon. One day, he just blurted out,

“Pentagon has 5 sides… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!”
“Nine-agon has 9 sides… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9!”
“Eleven-agon has 11 sides….”

On Brunei

Daddy has been travelling to Brunei quite frequently for his business trips. Few days ago, he had to go there again and was telling the boys that he was going to Brunei.

Jay: “Daddy goes Brunei, Mummy goes Bru-six, Isaac goes Bru-five and Jaden goes Bru-one!”

On being fat

After dinner…

Zac: Mummy, why did you eat so little rice?

Me: I don’t want to eat too much rice.

Zac: Why?

Me: Mummy is fat.

Zac (in an exasperated tone): Daddy and me tell you so many times already, EXERCISE!!!

kids talk

On big tummy

I was pregnant with baby girl then. One day after dinner, Jay came over, patted my tummy and exclaimed,

“WAH!!! You eat till your tummy so big! Like bowling ball!!!”

On keeping his toys

When it’s time to keep the toys, Jay likes to say all kinds of things just to try to get away from doing the task.

Me: Jay, keep all the toys now.

Jay (frowning): But I’m very tired.

Me: Please keep the toys NOW.

Jay: My tummy’s very painful.

Me: Keep your toys, now!

Jay (looking real serious): My back is aching. I’m coughing. I have sore throat.

I wonder where they get their funnybones from?