One of those Carefree Days

Now that the boys are in primary school, I’ve almost forgotten how it was like to NOT have kids in primary school.

In what seems like another lifetime, when we had 3 kids under the age of 5, our schedule was more flexible. Zac was in kindergarten, a mere 4 hours a day. Jay was still carefree and in his world of play at home, attending “Mommy School” and doing stuff with me. Elly was still a tiny baby.

Play was the norm. Flexibility was our way of life. We would hit the playground whenever we felt like it. Water play in the inflatable pool at home was a frequent affair. Reading of books was regular, and by that I meant me reading to the kids, not silent reading by themselves, which has become the norm nowadays.

Fast forward to now.

The boys are in school the most part of the day. Even Elly goes to school for 3 hours each day. When the boys are back, there are homework, preparations for tests and spellings, enrichment classes to go to. Can I say that I miss those early days when the kids are smaller?! Oh yes, how I miss those days!!!

I had a chance to relive those days last week, when Elly didn’t have to go to school on one of the days.

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To Blog or Not To Blog?

I have been thinking about the direction of this blog lately. I’m going to put my thoughts out here today, with the hope of getting some clarity through sharing.

Blogs have an interesting way of growing and changing with the blogger. Most bloggers and readers of blogs would have noticed, that blogs are not static. They almost seem to have a life of its own. As the blogger grows and changes in his or her life, the blog sometimes changes along too.

I started this blog as a photo blog, sharing snippets of our daily life and things about my kids that I wanted to remember. Along the way, I started sharing about education and what I did in class when I was a school teacher. Those posts on my English STELLAR lessons in the classroom and how to prepare children for Primary One became very popular. I also started to share about the crafts and activities I did with my kids.

So, the blog evolved from a photo blog of snippets of our daily life, to a website sharing about education and activities for kids. At that point, I also started a Facebook Page for the blog, where I post ideas on activities and crafts for kids. The Facebook Page has about 1530 fans at the moment.

Sometimes I wonder, who exactly are the ones reading my blog? I know there are about a hundred or so of you who subscribe to this blog either via email or on wordpress. My blog stats show about 100 to 200 of you who visit this blog daily and many arrive here from search engines.

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Easy DIY Yogurt: EasiYo!

yogurt with fruits

My hubby and all three of our kids are yogurt lovers. Our entire family, except me. Somehow, I don’t fancy the sour taste of yogurt. And since I am no yogurt lover, I know nothing much about yogurt. I did not even know that yogurt can be DIY-ed.

Until I chanced upon the EasiYo Yogurt Maker.

EasiYo really lives up to its name. It is so easy to make a big jug of yogurt using this yogurt maker. In just 3 simple steps, you can have delicious home-made yogurt overnight!

All you need are water, EasiYo Yogurt Maker and EasiYo yogurt powder.

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Clay Play: Making Teddy Bears

clay teddy bear

We’ve been busy ever since school started more than two weeks ago. Everyday is like a mad rush for me, getting the kids ready for school, preparing their meals, coaching them in their school work. We hardly have time to do anything else.

Today before going to school, Elly asked to “do something”. I searched my bookshelf and saw this pack of modelling clay which we had bought weeks ago at the Science Centre.

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Singapore Parenting Congress 2014 {Tickets Giveaway}

Singapore Parenting Congress 2014

We live in a digital age. Our kids will grow up in a world of social media, touch screens and having an online presence. My 8 and 6 year-olds know about Facebook and will sometimes ask me to post their art work on it! They know that I have a blog too and are curious to read what I write here.

With all these advancements in technology, parenting has its new set of challenges.

If you’re a parent who is looking for tips on how to connect with your child in this digital age, don’t miss the Singapore Parenting Congress 2014, jointly organised by MediaCorp and Families for Life.

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Painted Pebbles

rocks pebbles

We have a huge bag of rocks which I bought years ago from a nursery. Way before the kids were born.

My original plan for these rocks was to use them as ornaments and decorations around our house.

When the kids came along, I’ve found other uses for those rocks. We’ve used them for play, washed them in water, drew on them with markers, painted on them and applied glitter on them.

These rocks are versatile, I tell ya.

Look at these beautiful creations of painted rocks!

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Back to School


So my kiddos are back in school today. You might think I’m crazy, but I miss them!!!

I’m one of those weird parents who prefer school holidays to schooldays.

Last night, Zac, Jay and Elly were already lamenting that school holidays are over so soon. They couldn’t believe that a new school term is starting.

Some of you might be like me, missing your kids who have gone back to school today. Others might be the opposite of me, rejoicing that your kids are FINALLY back in school!

Whatever it is, here are some back to school quotes and jokes to brighten your day.

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