RWS Theatre: Cinderella, A Fairly True Story

Like most girls, I grew up knowing the story of Cinderella. So I was thrilled to be able to catch the internationally acclaimed Asia premiere of the musical, “Cinderella, A Fairly True Story” at Resorts World Sentosa Theatre last Sunday. I brought Elly along for the musical and we had a wonderful mother-and-daughter date watching our favourite Disney princess!

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Monsters of the Sea Exhibition (Singapore Science Centre)

If your kids are like mine, who are fascinated with dinosaurs and deep sea creatures, they can find a perfect combination of both at the Science Centre’s Monsters of the Sea Exhibition.

Monsters of the Sea Exhibition is Asia Pacific’s largest animatronics showcase of pre-historic sea monsters, accompanied by displays of existing sea monsters and information about mythical sea creatures such as the Loch Ness Monster.

With displays of 14 life-sized prehistoric marine creatures and 2 present-day sea monsters, stepping into the exhibition hall is like being transported to another world.

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Snow City Singapore: Arctic in the Tropics {Discount Code}

December is the time of the year when you feel like seeing snow. However, the closest to snow that we’ve seen are those foam type being released from machines. Not that appealing to us.

So, the kids were thrilled when we brought them to experience snow in real winter temperature, at Snow City Singapore, where visitors get to experience real snow in a sub-freezing climate.

Winter jackets and boots are provided, but waterproof pants and gloves had to be rented.

Here we were, all dressed in winter wear and ready for snow play!

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Every night, when my head hits the pillow, this thought hits my mind too, “Oh my, another day has passed… what have I done today?”

These days, time seems to pass even faster. I vividly remember the kids starting school on the first school day of 2015, and we’re now into the first week of the year end school holiday!

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Fitbit Surge: Fitness Companion for Busy Women {Review + Giveaway}

I used to run regularly and would go for a jog at least once a week. As life gets more hectic this year, with me juggling kids, family and career, I find it a real challenge to fit running into my busy schedule. To make things worse, there was the haze!

With less time for exercise, I felt my fitness level dropped drastically over the past few months. How can I keep fit in the midst of my crazy schedule?

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StickerKid: Durable Name Labels for Kids {Review + Discount Code}

I am no stranger to name labels for kids. Ever since our eldest started going to school (that’s more than 6 years ago!), I have bought name labels from different stores. With three kids in the family now, I have bought my fair share of name labels for each one of them over the years.

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Sand Play for Kids – At Surfers Paradise!

If you haven’t yet known, our kids LOVE sand. They can play with sand for hours. Literally. All of them started playing with sand from as young as a few months old.

So when we visited Surfers Paradise, guess what the kids did?

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