A New Blog for Women

I’ve enjoyed blogging over the years because it is therapeutic for me to put my thoughts into words.

If blogging alone is enjoyable, blogging with a friend would be fun.
And blogging with TWO friends? It’s a party!!!

In a span of 10 days, two of my dear friends and I started a brand new blog.

i am woman blog, inspirational, empowering women

Why I.A.M. Woman 3?

We started this blog with the purpose of reaching out to women, hoping to bring a little laughter, hope and encouragement to all the women out there who are busy juggling their many roles in life.

I.A.M. are the initials of our 3 names.

Woman is a reminder to us and all the women out there, whether you’re a mother, daughter, sister, employer, employee…, that you are FIRST and FOREMOST, a WOMAN.

So, I Am Woman.

And why 3? Well, you’ve got to read about it here. :)

As this is a brand new blog (just slightly more than a week old!), we will be adding more posts soon. We will be sharing recipes, food recommendations, healthy living, keeping fit and our thoughts, ideas and inspirations for women!

We will also be featuring guest-writers and women who have inspiring stories to share.

Do show us your support by sharing the blog with your women friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours… everyone!

Now, hop over to our new blog and leave us some comments.

Let us feel your love.

Thank you very much! :)

Motivation: Change Begins with a Decision

It is amazing how our life can change in a week.

I had hit the lowest point of my life as a Stay-At-Home-Mom and for months, I was feeling down and unmotivated. All the energy that I used to have was gone. Everyday was a battle.

Getting into social media made me feel worse, especially when I came across negative posts and bizarre news on newsfeeds.

Two Mondays ago, on the day before Zac’s birthday, I decided to get out of the house for a run. Running was not something that I would do. In fact, I disliked running!

running, jogging, motivation

Somehow, out of the craziness that I was in, this crazy idea came and I went for a run. And I was so glad I did!

I returned home feeling energised and refreshed, with a renewed sense of motivation.

In the same week, a dear friend asked me to try out Zumba. The timing couldn’t have been better. I went with her and a couple of our friends. It was great!

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Overnight Oats

Ever since a dear friend taught me how to make overnight oats, I’ve been making them for my hubby and I. Both of us love it. The kids still prefer their normal yogurt though.

If you’re new to overnight oats, they are simply oats that have been left overnight to soak in whatever liquid you’ve put them in. You can use milk, yogurt, soy milk… in fact, any type of liquid you like. Add the oats into the liquid, place them in the fridge overnight (or for a few hours) and you will have your overnight oats. The toppings are just as endless. Top it off with fruits, nuts, seeds…anything!

The best part of this is: NO COOKING IS REQUIRED!

This is how I prepare our overnight oats:

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Exploring Pasir Ris Park: Fun for Free SG

Kids just want to have fun. They don’t really care if their version of fun burns a hole in your pocket. Most parents want their kids to have fun too. And if they can give their kids fun, for free? Best!

One of our frequently visited fun for free places is Pasir Ris Park. This is our favorite place to cycle. It is less crowded than East Coast Park, even during weekends.

pasir ris beach scenepasir ris beachpasir ris beach breakwater

What can one do at such a remote park that is tugged at the far end of the island? Plenty, I’d say.

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Vaby: Box of Surprises {Review + Giveaway}


Moms are always pressed for time, whether you are holding a full-time job or looking after your children full-time. Which is why mothers appreciate anything that helps them to save time and preserve their sanity.

I received a surprise in the mail last week from Vaby, a one-stop online boutique that aims to enable mothers to discover relevant products for herself and her children.

Vaby offers a monthly subscription box that delivers sample products from trusted brands to your doorsteps. All you need to do is to sign up as a member, fill up your profile and for a nominal monthly fee of S$18.90, you will receive a lovely Vaby Box containing 5 to 8 sample items every month. You will also get to receive great savings of up to 90% on selected products such as children’s apparel, maternity wear, toys, baby gears and full month parties or baby spa services.

These are the items I’ve received in the August Vaby Box.

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Celebrating 9 Years: Some Thoughts


Our eldest, Zac, turned 9 this week. This also means that I have been a mother for 9 years… I’m still undecided if I should call them 9 long years, or 9 short years.

The day to day living seems long, yet the years flew by so quickly.

Right before our eyes, our first baby has grown up and will be entering his pre-teen years soon. His quiet and sensitive nature is a great blessing to us.

For half of his life thus far, I have been staying at home, being the kids’ primary care-giver.

As I was wondering if my decision to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) for the past few years has been a mistake, celebrating Zac’s birthday this week gave me some answers.

I realised…

They are little for only a few short years.

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Why I Stay Home

I was at my all-time low recently.

Having stayed at home to look after the kids for more than four years now, I have reached a point in my life where I have been asking myself if it was all worth it. Whether all these years of staying home had been in vain. Whether I have made any positive difference in the lives of my kids by staying at home.

So I was recalling how I made the decision to leave my job to stay home for the kids.

And I remembered this post that I wrote in 2010, in my old blog.

This was why I stayed home… and now, I need this to remind myself that it has not been a mistake.

So, here goes…

Why I Stay Home

I have now joined the ranks of the Stay-At-Home-Mums, aka SAHMs. Being a SAHM is not a norm around my circle of relatives and friends. I don’t really have many personal friends who are SAHMs. The norm is to go back to work, continue with whatever you were doing before you gave birth, and get someone to babysit your kids.

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Imperfectly Perfect

Sometimes we all try too hard to be perfect.

Sometimes I try too hard to be perfect.

I see the mess in the living room, toys all over, laundry pile on the sofa, and I notice the increasing sense of irritation in me.

I hear the kids’ bickering and squabbling, and the sense of irritation in me grows.

I made plans for the day, and yet the day did not go as I had planned, and I felt the irritation again.

Sometimes, this irritation gets so much to me, that it affects my mood and the way I treat the ones who are the most important to me.

And all these irritations are caused by simply one thing: PERFECTIONISM.

The kids taught me one big lesson on perfectionism recently. I should say, they taught me to handle imperfections in the most perfect way, that is, by making the most out of it.

parent blogger singapore

We headed to the beach for a picnic. Due to some poor decisions made by me (which I will not elaborate here), we ended up at a beach which is less than ideal. Instead of being sandy, the sand was darker and wetter than that at the other side. The surrounding rocks were covered with algae. The area was more crowded, with a group of guys nearby blasting loud and noisy music on their radio.

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AME Night Light Plush: Ending Bedtime Struggles

Fortunate is the parent whose children love going to bed early and on time every night. Do such kids even exist? I wonder. At least in my household, they don’t. Asking our three kids to go to bed at night is like asking them to take yucky medicine. The result is usually protests and procrastination.

Ever since they were little, we have established a fixed bedtime routine for our kids. That includes a warm shower, bedtime reading, milk, tuck-in, prayers, and if all goes well, sleep. However, on some days, we are simply too tired to go through the entire routine. I mean the parents are tired, not the kids!

So, when I heard about AME Night Light Plush, I was intrigued.

AME Night Light Plush

AME Night Light Plush was invented by 2 parents who are professional artists. They came up with this ingenious idea as a solution to their daughter’s bedtime struggles.

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Can I Tell You A Story?


Five years ago, there was a mother. Like any other mother, she loved her children to bits. She tried her best to juggle full time work and family. Although physically tired on most days, she pushed herself to do more for her kids.

Feeling that she had too little time for her children, she left her job to look after her kids full time at home.

It was such a blissful life.

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