Pros and Cons of Being a Stay At Home Mom

pros and cons of being a stay at home mom sahm

I wrote this post over at our I.A.M. Woman 3 blog last week and thought that some of the readers of Ingspirations might be interested to read it. I know there are many SAHMs reading this blog and many others who are working mothers too.

If you’re a working mother who is contemplating whether you should stay at home for your kids, hope that this can shed some light in your path.

If you’re a SAHM wondering if you should continue to stay at home, hope that this too can help you in some ways.

Whatever it is, we only live once.
So, choose wisely, and live your life with no regrets. :)

You can read the post here.

Singapore Science Centre KidsSTOP™

KidsSTOP™ is the latest edutainment centre at the Singapore Science Centre that aims to expose preschool to lower primary children to Science. We finally made our way there on a weekday a couple of weeks ago. Visiting the place on a schoolday was great, as the place was not crowded at all. It was even better than an exclusive media invite for bloggers, as the kids almost had the whole place to themselves! :)


KidsSTOP™ is made up of 4 main exhibition galleries for the kids to explore and play. As the place is built specially for children 18 months to 8 years old, I was worried that our 9-year-old Zac might be bored there. It turned out that he enjoyed himself thoroughly!

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Getting Kids to Brush Longer? It is Possible!

Zac has been asking us questions about his teeth recently. At 9 years of age, he has dropped about 4 of his first set of teeth. His recent visit to the dentist revealed that he has not been brushing properly. When I heard that, I told myself that I must make sure our 3 kids know how to brush their teeth properly and thoroughly!

However, one of the problems we faced, especially with Jay our 7-year-old, was his speed of brushing. This boy brushes his teeth in 30 seconds flat. Every other day, you can hear either the hubby or me asking Jay the same questions, “Are you sure you’re done?!” before proceeding to get him to “Brush again!” This will be followed by protests and groans. From him, of course.

Can someone invent something to get the kids to brush their teeth longer? Please?

Well, someone must have heard my pleas, because recently, I get to know about this new Disney Magic Timer™ app by Oral-B, which claimed to get kids to brush their teeth longer! Wow.

Disney Magic Timer by Oral B

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Should Kids Use Electric Toothbrushes?

When the kids were little, the hubby and I would religiously brush their teeth for them, twice a day. We wanted to make sure they grow up with clean and healthy teeth. Now, doing that for one child is easy. But if we had to brush for two, then three, twice a day each, it would definitely become a tiring daily affair! Furthermore, sooner or later, the kids would need to learn to take care of their teeth themselves.

So, we got the boys to brush their teeth themselves when they were about 4 to 5 years of age. I know there are parents who let their kids brush their own teeth from as young as two years old. We would have done that, if not for the fact that we honestly did not trust the kids to brush their teeth thoroughly at such a young age. And we didn’t want their teeth to start rotting before they hit adulthood!

A few months ago, I brought Zac for his dental appointment. To our horror, the dentist remarked that there was plague buildup on his teeth! She cautioned me to make sure Zac brushed his teeth thoroughly.

One of my friends told me that according to her kids’ dentist, electric toothbrushes are great for helping young children brush their teeth more thoroughly.

So, I was glad when Oral-B sent us two Oral-B Stages Power toothbrushes for our two boys. Now, the boys have not used an electric toothbrush before, so they were thrilled and couldn’t wait to start brushing.

Oral B Stages Power Toothbrush
The boys’ Oral-B Stages Power Toothbrushes standing tall (and powerful) in our bathroom. :)

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Turning 7 and Not So Little

I posted this in my old blog on 30 March, 2012:

Kids grow up whether we are there with them or not. We might as well be there for them, during their growing up years.

They will never be this small again.

Cherish these fleeting years before they’re gone.

A wise friend told me: “Career can be started anytime. Raising kids – only that short window.”

How true.

My 3 littles, more than two years ago. Now, they are not so little anymore...
My 3 littles, more than two years ago. Now, they are not so little anymore…

We celebrated Jay’s 7th birthday this week. I usually get all reflective and emo during the kids’ birthdays. Seeing them grow up year after year is a bittersweet experience for me.

I am reminded once again that these little ones are not going to be little forever. They will not always need me to be home with them.

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Resources for Lower Primary English: Another New Blog? Oh Yes!

A few closer friends know that I have been busy the past few months. Besides taking care of the trio, doing housework, laundry, cooking, teaching my own kids, conducting tuition lessons, and blogging… I have been learning to create a new website that aims to provide resources for Singapore Lower Primary English.

This has been my desire for many months now. In fact, since the beginning of this year. I wanted to create a website that caters to parents with children aged 5 to 9 years old. I signed up for a web designing course that took me step by step to design and create my own website. As the only time I was able to work without disruption was when the kids were all asleep, I had spent countless sleepless nights ploughing through the stages to design my new website.

After going one big round, I realised that I already had the tools and knowledge to create a website, in a much simpler way. That is, through blogging! Something which I am already familiar with.

So, I dumped the entire website creation process, which was way too tedious and bringing me nowhere, and started this blog in 2 days. I transferred all my articles over and I am now ready to share this new blog with you, my readers, especially those who have asked me for advice regarding teaching your kids Primary School English.

Resources for Lower Primary English SIngapore

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JJ’s Science Adventure: A Science Comic Book for Kids {Reivew + Giveaway}

Two years ago when Zac was in Primary 1, he looked forward to being in Primary 3. Simply because, in his own words, “I will get to learn Science. I can do lots of experiments!”

I didn’t want to burst his bubbles then.

Having taught Primary 3 Science for a couple of years, I know the number of experiments these kids get to do in a year. In other words, not alot.

So, when I was asked to review JJ’s Science Adventure, a Science comic book for kids, I was interested to find out more. Coincidentally, a dear friend of mine had also recommended that same book to me a few weeks before.

JJ Science Adventure Magnets Comics

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Fighting Brain Tumour: A Mother’s Story

Bianca was 4 years old when she started complaining of headaches. Her mother, Karen, who had just given birth to their third child, thought that Bianca was simply trying to seek attention as a result of a new sibling. However, Bianca’s headaches became so severe that she started throwing up. A trip to the paediatrician resulted in an immediate CT scan by a neurologist.

The family received a shocking and unexpected news: There was an egg-sized tumour that was pressing on the optic nerve in Bianca’s brain…

brain tumour kid craniopharyngioma
Brave Bianca
(image credit: Karen Lai)

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Fun at Road Safety Park

road safety park singapore

Where’s a place in Singapore where kids can cycle and scoot freely on the road?
The Road Safety Community Park, of course!

road safety community park

I remember coming to this place when I was just a kid. Those days, it was common for schools to bring their students here for excursions and to let them learn about road safety.

This was the first time our trio visited the park. The moment we stepped into the park and I told them that there was a pretend-play petrol kiosk, they zoomed off excitedly.

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Easy Recipe: Shishamo Fish

Have you heard of shishamo fish?

It is a common Japanese dish and the entire fish can be eaten whole, from head to tail! No need for de-boning!

Best of all, it is a moderately oily fish filled with healthy omega-3 oils. Which is why I’m glad that Jay and Elly love eating this fish. Elly calls this “My Favourite Fish” and every other day, she will ask me, “Mommy, did you cook my favourite fish today?” :)

I’m sharing this easy shishamo recipe at I.A.M. Woman 3 today. Hop over and check it out!

easy shishamo fish recipe

Have a Tasty Tuesday!