Dear Mummy

Being a stay at home or work at home mom means that you get to be with the kids for long periods of time each day.

Which also means that there is a higher chance of you getting irritated by their misbehaviours and they witnessing your parenting mistakes.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I felt that I have failed as a mother. Times when I lost my cool, became impatient, irritated, frustrated with the kids. Times when I wished I had been more loving, more patient and kinder with them.

The thing about kids is, they have hearts that are big and love that is unconditional. Somehow, no matter how much you thought you have lost it, or let them down, they will still come to you with open hearts and love you as before.


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Geronimo Stilton Comprehension Pawbooks {Review + Giveaway}

Zac bought his first Geronimo Stilton story book when he was in Primary 1, after seeing some of his classmates reading the colourful books. That’s the power of peer influence.

When he finished reading that first book, he asked for another, and another… Whenever we passed by POPULAR Bookstores, he would dash excitedly straight to the Geronimo Stilton section to check if the latest title has been published.

We ended up buying one Geronimo Stilton book after another.

Two rows of the boys' Geronimo Stilton Collection.

Two rows of the boys’ Geronimo Stilton Collection.

Jay took over these books when he was 6 years old, after Zac moved on to other books.

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Our Time Travel Machine

The kids received a new toy recently.

A time travel machine.

They wondered what it could do.

I told them, “It can take you back to whatever time you want.”

Their eyes widened.

Jay exclaimed, “Take me back to the dinosaur age!”

Zac shouted, “No! I want to go to the future! Take me to the year 5020!”

Elly couldn’t contain her excitement, but didn’t quite understand the power of a time travel machine, requested, “Can I go back to the school holidays? No need to go to school!”

As the kids argued and squabbled over which time to travel to, I said, “You can all have a try, but first, let me bring you back to the time when I was a child, just like you.”

They agreed without protest.

After all, they have heard and enjoyed listening to stories of my childhood.
So, I keyed the year into the time travel machine, and in an instant, all of us appeared in another place, another time…

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A Day In My Life: a.k.a. The Adventures of the Zooming Mommy

I crave routine. Yet, ironically, my life is anything but routine.

Every day of the week presents a different schedule for me, due to the fact that:

– our 3 kids are in 3 different school sessions (which is insane!),
– our 2 boys having different CCAs and days of training (Jay has CCA once a week in the morning before school while Zac’s CCA is twice a week in the afternoon after school),
– the different enrichment classes the 3 kids are attending (2 of them are learning keyboard, 1 of them is learning drum, Zac goes for Chinese tuition – which means another insane set of different timing!)
– and the nature of my work (I teach 3 weekdays and at the same time buried in researching and planning to register a business).

My mom, who comes over to be with the kids when I’m not at home, likes to comment that I am always zooming here and there. It has become a joke in our family, that I am the zooming mommy.

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FTWM, SAHM And Everything In Between: My Personal Experience

The grass is always greener on the other side.

A working mother might envy the life of a stay-home mother.

A stay-home mother might think working mothers have it easier.

Which role is better? Or easier?

In my 10 years of being a mother, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing both roles.

In fact, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing all the other roles in between too:

– Full Time Working Mum (without maid)
– Full Time Working Mum (with maid)
– Part Time Working Mum (without maid)
– Stay At Home Mum (with maid)
– Stay At Home Mum (without maid)
– Work At Home Mum (without maid)

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Sand Play at the Beach

It all began with these spades that we bought for the kids from IKEA.


What’s up with buying spades if there’s no sand to dig?

So, off we went with the kids, to Castle Beach at East Coast Park. Besides the beaches at Sentosa, this has to be our next favourite. The beach here is filled with soft and clean sand, great for building sandcastles.

An added bonus for sand play here are the beautiful sandcastles and sculptures that are on display, built by the folks of Castle Beach. Once in a while, they even provide free sandcastle building workshops for beach-goers.

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FoodLine: A Solution To Your Catering Needs

Friends have asked me, “How do you cope with housework, kids, work and cooking?”

This question is usually followed by, “So do you cook every day?”

My answer is “I wish to, but I can’t!” I am not sure how the Supermoms cope, but I am definitely not one. I prepare lunch for the kids on most weekdays, but can only manage to have home-cooked dinner maximum twice in a week.

Last year, I was so tired of cooking that I decided to try out tingkat dinners. With the go-ahead from the hubby, I went googling for the healthiest, tastiest and most economical caterer in town. It was difficult to find a good one. Our tingkat experience lasted for only a month, much to the relief of my kids, who were so sick of the tingkat food that they actually missed my cooking. :)

I wish I had known about FoodLine last year. FoodLine is a Singapore-based catering portal featuring more than 100 caterers and over 5,000 reviews and photographs by past customers. To date, more than 31,500 households and organisations have catered from FoodLine. That is quite an amazing number of customers.


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Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas

For the past few years, I made it a point to bring the kids to the annual Children’s Season at the Singapore Art Museum. This year, instead of the usual Children’s Season, Singapore Art Museum launched Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas, to celebrate SG50 (Singapore’s 50th Birthday).

I brought the kids there a few weeks ago. Our trio had a wonderful time exploring the exhibits, which were pretty interactive and interesting for the kids. We spent about 3 hours in that place and would have stayed longer if not for the fact that the museum had to close for the day.

These are some of the highlights of Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas.

We Built This Estate

In this exhibit, children are invited to be architects and planners of their housing estates. There are huge building blocks in the room for the kids to have fun constructing their buildings. Our boys, who are into Minecraft these days, love this exhibit, for obvious reasons. :) We stayed there for a long time, and I had to pry them away to visit the other exhibits.


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Online shopping has got to be one of the best inventions of our time. When you are busy running after the kids and juggling thousand and one things, it makes a huge difference to be able to shop from the comfort of your home. Shopping online is even more attractive when there are promotions, discounts and perks, such as Mastercard Promotions.

I am more of a practical shopper, which means you won’t see me going shopping just for the sake of it. I shop only when I have things to buy. So, online shopping is a great attraction for me because the shops are available at my fingertips 24/7, whenever I need to shop. I do not have to worry that I have to lug the kids along with me when I shop. I can do my shopping in peace, when the kids are asleep. There are no crowds to jostle with, no parking fees to pay, no heavy bags of stuff to carry home.

After becoming a mom, I find myself looking to online stores whenever I need to buy something for the kids, family, friends or myself. To date, I have done all kinds of shopping online. Some of the stuff I have bought online include books, clothes, accessories, toys, food, health supplements and even groceries!

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Rock Climbing at The Cliff

Rock-climbing is gaining popularity in recent years. Our boys had their first rock-climbing experience about two years ago and they enjoyed it despite the slight difficulties they faced climbing up the steep rock walls for the first time.

The kids had their second try at rock-climbing a few weeks ago, this time at The Cliff which is located outside Snow City.

The Cliff is the latest rock-climbing facility to be built in Singapore, which uses the international Vertigo Climbing System. This system was last used locally at the 2012 World Youth Climbing Championship held in Singapore. The Cliff features 10 climbing lanes of various difficulty levels and is the first Vertigo Climbing System to be installed at a permanent location locally.


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