DIY Lift-The-Flap Alphabet Book for Toddlers and Preschoolers

We’re really into learning the alphabet these days with our 2-year-old. Here’s one of the alphabet activities which we did this week, inspired by her interest in lift-the-flap story books.

We created our very own lift-the-flap alphabet book!


I cut out a few pieces of blank paper and stapled them together at the side, to form a little booklet. I also pre-cut a few letters of the alphabet from a piece of coloured paper.

When I placed these items (booklet, letters cut-outs, glue) on the table, Little Girl was very interested and came over immediately, ready to start work.


I picked up the letter A and asked her to tell me what it was. I then asked her to add some glue onto the letter A and paste it on the cover page of the booklet. We went on to paste the next letter, B, on the next page.


Now, I have pre-pasted some flaps on each page of the booklet. These will be where the letters are to be hidden, so that when we read the completed book, Little Girl has to lift the flaps to find the hidden letters.


I guided her to paste the letter under the flap of each page. Then, I wrote a sentence (or rather, a question) on each page.

Our story is about finding the letter A, which is playing hide-and-seek with us. As we read each page, she gets to lift the flap and see if A is hidden under the flap!

For each letter revealed, I will ask her,”Is this A?”
If she replied “No”, I will then ask her to tell me what the letter was.


“No, this is B!”


“Is A in the cupboard?”
“No, this is D!”

When she has pasted all the letters, I gave her some cotton buds and paint, to decorate the cover page of her book.


As with most toddlers, this soon turned messy and she totally painted over the letter A which has been pasted on the cover page!


Not a big problem, I’d say. I simply write over the letter A with a marker and added in the title of the book, “Where is A?”

There are a variety of skills covered in this very simple activity:

Fine motor skills (applying glue, pasting the letters, lifting the flaps, cotton bud painting).
Reading and enjoying a story.
Identifying and recognising letters.

Little Girl was so proud and happy with her book that she went around showing it to her Daddy and brothers.

We had fun reading the book and she enjoyed lifting the flaps to find A while recognising the other letters. She has asked to read the book many times after that!

13 thoughts on “DIY Lift-The-Flap Alphabet Book for Toddlers and Preschoolers

    1. Thanks for the comment, Emma! You’re right, the fact that she made the book herself gave her a sense of achievement and ownership. She loves reading it!


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