Mini World – Cardboard Dollhouses

It’s Monday again and here I am with our Marvellous Monday Facebook Sharing! Except that today, I’m going to wrap up the Marvellous Monday series.

It has been wonderful reading all the posts shared on our Facebook Page the past 4 weeks. I hope you’ve been blessed by all the marvellous ideas shared just as much as I did.

Our Facebook Page will still be open for anyone who wants to share your blogposts on learning and craft activities. You’re still welcome to share your posts there anytime and I will feature selected posts on our Facebook Page.

My kids and I have been having fun making miniature cardboard furniture and dollhouses and I think they’re really cute!

We made this using an empty tissue box for the room and cardboard for the furniture.


So, to end off our Marvellous Monday Facebook Sharing, here are some lovely ideas for making cardboard dollhouses.

cardboard houseSource

cardboard dollhouseSource

DIY cardboard dollhouseSource

If you’ve tried making cardboard dollhouses, do share your lovely creations with us!

6 thoughts on “Mini World – Cardboard Dollhouses

      1. Wow! Great idea! One corner of my dining room is piled up with boxes, dunno what to do with them also. But my girl might still be a bit too young to play with dollhouses :)


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