Book: Papa Please Get The Moon For Me


This was one of our boys’ favourite books when they were preschoolers. It is a lovely story of a little girl who was fascinated with the moon, and asked her father to get the moon for her. The amazing thing is, her father fulfilled her wish!

As the story unfolds, there are some interesting pages in the book which I think will delight a child.

We read this book when the boys were younger, and I used this story as an introduction for the boys to learn about the moon.

We talked about the different phases of the moon… crescent, half moon, full moon, and I got the boys to make a simple craft. We used crepe paper for the sky and paper plates for the moon.


This is a lovely book to read, especially when we had just celebrated Father’s Day!

Here are some other extension activities which you can do with your kids after reading this book:

1. Ice Cream Stick Ladder Collage


2. Oreo Moon Phases


Share with us in the comments if you have other extension activities for this book.

5 thoughts on “Book: Papa Please Get The Moon For Me

  1. Hey Ing, it’s such a coincidence that I also did on Moon Phases too! And had scheduled to post it after my trip. : ) Tried the Orea cookies and my boys were more interested in polishing off the cream and of course the biscuit….


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