Jay’s Creation: Paper Basketball Game

DIY paper basketball game for kids

Jay has always been the creative one in our family. As in, he likes to create stuff. Invent stuff. He likes fiddling with paper, cardboard, recycled bottles, boxes… basically, whatever he can get his hands on. It is not unusual to see him sitting at the table or on the floor, focused at gluing some cardboard, or taping some pieces of recycled paper.

Sometimes, his creation amazes us.

Like the one he made 2 days ago.

He came to me and said he had an idea to make a basketball net, using paper.

This was what he came up with…

DIY paper basketball net

He sourced for the paper himself, while I provided him with crepe paper for the “net”. as he said he needed something soft and light.

Then, he crushed some pieces of paper to make paper balls.

He taped a piece of paper to make a box for the paper balls.

DIY paper basketball game

He taped a few strips of papers on the floor as markings for the player to stand and toss the paper balls into the paper net.

He wrote points on each strip of paper. The further the strip of paper is from the net, the higher the points.

DIY paper basketball game for kids

The 2 boys had a great time playing with Jay’s Paper Basketball Game! This kept them occupied for hours the past couple of days.

Paper basketball game for kids

Trust me. I’d never have thought of inventing this game myself!

Like I’ve said, this boy amazes me sometimes!

8 thoughts on “Jay’s Creation: Paper Basketball Game

  1. So creative! I will be sharing on some games invented by my kids soon. Now your post reminded me that ever since the kids start primary, I haven’t been doing much craft work with them. Your fb link certainly reminded me as I had difficulty finding recent craft post to share. Gotta find time and ideas now. This basketball game shall be my first! :)


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