Crafting With Friends

create a scene craft

During the June school holiday, one of my best friends brought her kids over to our place for a time of crafting and writing.

These are the crafts created by Jay and his 2 friends, in that short 30 minutes session of crafting.

My intention was to get the kids to create a scene and write about it.

Settings Craft

Jay and his best friend, T (7 years old), decided to create an amusement park scene.


T’s sister, E (5 years old), wanted to create a garden scene.


It was an easy craft that the kids enjoyed doing.

These are the materials which I had prepared beforehand:

* paper plates
* cut outs of clip arts sourced from the internet
* glue
* foam stickers
* double-sided tapes
* hole puncher
* ribbons


1. Print out the clip arts and cut them out.
(I printed them on matte photo papers, using my Canon PIXMA printer.)

2. Cut out the middle circle of a paper plate (Plate 1).

3. Glue the clip arts cutouts onto another piece of paper plate (Plate 2).

4. Use foam stickers for some of the clip arts cutouts, for a 3D effect.

5. Using double-sided tape, tape Plate 1 onto Plate 2.

6. Decorate with coloured pencils, crayons or markers.

7. Punch a hole and tie a ribbon to make it into a lovely door hanger!

When the kids were done creating their scene, I asked them to imagine being in that scene and guided them to write a few sentences about it.

This was written by one of the kids, after our discussion about an amusement park:

The Amusement Park is a wonderful place.
The fragrance of popcorns fills the air.
Loud noises can be heard.
There is a popcorn shop and a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, a tall building and bumper cars.
I like the ferris wheel because it is like I am flying in the sky.


This craft is suitable for kids of any age, even preschoolers like Elly.

I let her create a seaside scene the next day and she thoroughly enjoyed it!

settings craft 1

Together, we coloured her craft and stuck some stickers around the border to decorate it. She was really happy with her creation and couldn’t wait to show her daddy when he returned home from work!


What I like about these craft sessions is that they are such a great bonding tool, not just for family members, but also among friends. I am more than happy to see that it also provides an opportunity for the kids to learn how to write.

Would your kids be interested in such craft sessions too?

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