Clay Play: Making Teddy Bears

clay teddy bear

We’ve been busy ever since school started more than two weeks ago. Everyday is like a mad rush for me, getting the kids ready for school, preparing their meals, coaching them in their school work. We hardly have time to do anything else.

Today before going to school, Elly asked to “do something”. I searched my bookshelf and saw this pack of modelling clay which we had bought weeks ago at the Science Centre.

modelling clay for kids

So, we spent a good 20 minutes playing with the clay and making this pair of bears together.

clay playDIY clay for kids

Elly requested for 2 bears… a mommy bear and a baby bear.
Oh, and a flower for the bears too.

clay teddy bear DIY craft

It was therapeutic, as always.

A good break in the midst of a hectic lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “Clay Play: Making Teddy Bears

  1. Lovely! And it demonstrates once again that 20min can be enough and the thing you do doesn’t have to be anything very special. It becomes special when you get a break and do it together. Not looking forward to the work daycare rush though!


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