To Blog or Not To Blog?

I have been thinking about the direction of this blog lately. I’m going to put my thoughts out here today, with the hope of getting some clarity through sharing.

Blogs have an interesting way of growing and changing with the blogger. Most bloggers and readers of blogs would have noticed, that blogs are not static. They almost seem to have a life of its own. As the blogger grows and changes in his or her life, the blog sometimes changes along too.

I started this blog as a photo blog, sharing snippets of our daily life and things about my kids that I wanted to remember. Along the way, I started sharing about education and what I did in class when I was a school teacher. Those posts on my English STELLAR lessons in the classroom and how to prepare children for Primary One became very popular. I also started to share about the crafts and activities I did with my kids.

So, the blog evolved from a photo blog of snippets of our daily life, to a website sharing about education and activities for kids. At that point, I also started a Facebook Page for the blog, where I post ideas on activities and crafts for kids. The Facebook Page has about 1530 fans at the moment.

Sometimes I wonder, who exactly are the ones reading my blog? I know there are about a hundred or so of you who subscribe to this blog either via email or on wordpress. My blog stats show about 100 to 200 of you who visit this blog daily and many arrive here from search engines.

Save for the few who leave comments on my posts, and those who email me once in a while asking for advice on composition writing, I honestly have no idea who the regular readers of my blog are.

Once in a while, I have the urge to share openly my parenting struggles, daily life, thoughts and experiences. At other times, I have lots of ideas going through my mind, which I really want to try out with my kids and if I do, I’ll usually share them here. But, I find that I have less time to do crafts or activities with my kids nowadays, with 2 of them being in Primary School.

To blog or not to blog?
What to blog about?
Who am I blogging to?

These are the questions that are in my mind recently.

So, while I try to figure all that out, pardon me if you find some random posts from me in your inbox or feed reader. And if you think that this blog no longer serves the purpose of you subscribing to or following in the first place, I won’t blame you if you choose to unsubscribe, unlike or unfollow. :)

Alright, I’ve finally got this off my chest.

Seriously, if a blogger has to blog about thinking of what to blog, this blogger is really facing a blogger’s block. (Tongue twister, eh?!)

Perhaps I’m facing an identify crisis, or mid-life crisis (!!!), or I’m just plain bored.

Something’s got to change… I just need to figure out what.

35 thoughts on “To Blog or Not To Blog?

  1. Evespiration - what inspires her says:

    Pls continue to blog Ing! I seldom come across a blog with a name close to my blog’s name for a start! Hhaha!
    But seriously I enjoy reading your sharings & I think people (parents probably) like to read articles from an educator’s perspective.
    I can identify with the “blogger’s block”. Jus blogged about something similar few days back too!
    Honestly, u have something to give in this blog; hope u will continue the good work! :))


    • Ing says:

      LOL! Thanks Evelyn. Well, this blogger’s block has been with me for a long time… I hope to get rid of it soon! How do you overcome your blogger’s block?


  2. Mummy Ed says:

    Oh I love this new blog look!! I enjoy your posts on teaching and activities a lot. My kids don’t know about my blog yet, and since the eldest will soon be reading voraciously, I also have to start thinking about where I want it to go. Hmmm.


    • Ing says:

      Thanks! It’s just another of those free theme. ;)
      My 2 older ones know about my blog. My eldest sometimes come over and try to see what I’m typing when I’m at my laptop. So far, there has been no resistance from them. In fact, sometimes my younger boy will tell me, “mummy, put on the blog ok?” when he made some crafts or ‘inventions’ by himself. It’s just this blockage in my brain when it comes to what to blog about…. How do you overcome your writer’s block, if you have any in the first place?!


      • Mummy Ed says:

        Hmm everyone gets writer’s block, and unless you have a commitment to write every day (or whatever), I just write whenever I’m inspired? I have lots of drafts too, that I guess don’t have enough inspiration 😜


        • Ing says:

          Ok… I don’t have lots of drafts. That’s how depleted of inspiration I have become!!! How ironic, considering what the name of my blog is. Ha! :)


  3. Homeschool Crafts says:

    Not sure if mid-year have anything to do with this syndrome. Noticed a number of bloggers posting the same concerns and dilemma. I’m reading up books on finding my inner inspiration too. :P

    I agree with Jhanis’s sentiments (from The Vanilla Housewife), we’ll get there eventually. And your blog revamp is definitely a good start! It looks great! :)


  4. Jin Ai says:

    You’ll figure it out in time I’m sure. Your blog has certainly grown with you and I’ve always been inspired in what I see whenever I drop in – whenever I’m not on a blog break and overwhelmed with the chaos of 4 kids and a house that is! 😊


  5. angangelia says:

    Perhaps it’s as what you mentioned,a stage?Since your kids are in pri sch now,activities would also decrease. Nontheless, I think you would still have loads of ideas and teaching to pass on! Especially Primary school life lessons?lol. I’m always interested in what you have to blog. : ) Nontheless, I pray you will find that purpose to continue in this blogging journey from within regardless of your audience.


    • Ing says:

      Reading your blog, I didn’t feel like you haven’t got the direction figured out too. You DO have a well-defined blog! I guess I need to relax here and blog more for pleasure instead of having the pressure to provide information and ideas to the readers. That might be the answer to my writer’s block, you think so?


      • Bronwyn Joy @ Journeys Of The Fabulist says:

        Writing for pleasure might definitely help with writer’s block.

        Although as for writing what you want vs writing what other people want – that’s a trickier question and I guess you have to decide based on your blogging goals! Even if writing for fun, if you want to have a conversation there needs to be a bit of give and take and response (like a real conversation). (Of course if you don’t care whether or not anybody reads it then you can really do what you like – there’s merit enough in that, too and you might be surprised what gels.)

        A writer whose blog I read once said there’s two types of writer’s block: not knowing what to write and not knowing how to write it. The former you have to stop writing and go out looking for new inspiration (new activities/learning/etc). The second you have to write and delete and write and delete til it comes out ok. Best piece of advice on writer’s block I’ve read – sounds like you might have the first type.


        • Ing says:

          Blogging goals, I’ve got to think about that…

          I agree that was a great piece of advice, and I think you’ve hit it. I’m definitely stuck, not knowing what to write. I am seriously in need of new inspirations. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Greatly appreciated! :)


  6. adventureswithmybabies says:

    My blog is for me to record down the things i do with the kids at different stages. also a photo backup site. :P hopefully next time when the kids grow up, they can read it too and recall what they did when they were young


  7. The Honey Marquise says:

    Though I have only started reading your blog rather recently, it’s one of the few blogs that I enjoy reading because of your writing style. Thus, I will certainly vote for a yes to blogging.

    It depends on what your objective is. There are many blogs out there, some are for commercial reasons, some are for genuine sharing and the rest are perhaps for personal chronicles. I think you have many experiences and stories to share. ;)


  8. The Little Mom says:

    I may not have post a comment on your blog often, but I have been reading your blog regularly. So if possible please keep it going.

    I guess the questions you post, runs through all blogger’s head from time to time. The guiding principal for me is a simple question of “Why did I start blogging”. I think its important to always remind ourselves why we started it all. :)


  9. Linette says:

    Hey Ing! I chanced upon your new blog recently (was a faithful reader of your old blog) and I am really glad I rediscovered your blog! Keep up the blogging and readers would love to grow with you! For me, I blog only when I have time or inspiration, which was why my blog had quietened down a lot in recent years. I also want to leave my blog as a legacy for my children (who are occasional readers), so I blog mainly for them to hear a little about my perspectives on our experiences and life in general!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ing says:

      Oh hi Linette! Great to hear from you! Thanks for leaving this comment. I still visit your blog once in a while (silently) all these years. Read about your visit to L… Island and was very intrigued as I didn’t know there’s such a place in SG! Your blog is a great resource for parents. Your girls are blessed. :)


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