One of those Carefree Days

Now that the boys are in primary school, I’ve almost forgotten how it was like to NOT have kids in primary school.

In what seems like another lifetime, when we had 3 kids under the age of 5, our schedule was more flexible. Zac was in kindergarten, a mere 4 hours a day. Jay was still carefree and in his world of play at home, attending “Mommy School” and doing stuff with me. Elly was still a tiny baby.

Play was the norm. Flexibility was our way of life. We would hit the playground whenever we felt like it. Water play in the inflatable pool at home was a frequent affair. Reading of books was regular, and by that I meant me reading to the kids, not silent reading by themselves, which has become the norm nowadays.

Fast forward to now.

The boys are in school the most part of the day. Even Elly goes to school for 3 hours each day. When the boys are back, there are homework, preparations for tests and spellings, enrichment classes to go to. Can I say that I miss those early days when the kids are smaller?! Oh yes, how I miss those days!!!

I had a chance to relive those days last week, when Elly didn’t have to go to school on one of the days.

We went to the playground, and for once I didn’t have to hurry her to stop playing because she had to get ready for school. IT FELT GOOD!!!


When she finally had enough of the playground, she requested for the skate scooter. So I brought her scootering around the neighbourhood.


We picked some flowers along the way… just like what her two brothers used to do when they were younger.


We picked up some leaves too and went home to do leaf painting.


Elly was in such a high spirit the entire day.

Such days have become a rarity for us.

Enjoy these carefree days while they last, Elly.

4 thoughts on “One of those Carefree Days

  1. freebutfun says:

    I’ve just been on a prolonged holiday and since my hubby is a month away on a training, I too have gotten the feel of how it was when I was full time at home with the kids. But there is a difference: it’s been fun and relaxing for me with them being older, and also having a summer break from their daycare. So special to be able to do so much more with them. We’ve even managed a few trips, which has been really great fun. Needless to say they are looking more forward to being back in daycare on Monday than me…


    • Ing says:

      That sounds like fun! I enjoy having my kids at home during their school break too. I agree that in a way things are easier when the kids are older. It’s a mixture of feelings I have here… Life is easier with the kids being older now, yet I miss them being little.


      • freebutfun says:

        I think that missing part will get worse the older they get, and the more they want to spend time with their friends; my 4 yo was just the other day asking me if I could leave the house with the little brother, because she wanted to be home alone and “work” (=play undisturbed;)). She is 4! Well, I took her brother out in the garden thinking she’ll run/yell after us soon, but after 30 minutes she was still happy to continue playing… there is always two sides to the coin!


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