AME Night Light Plush: Ending Bedtime Struggles

AME Night Light Plush

Fortunate is the parent whose children love going to bed early and on time every night. Do such kids even exist? I wonder. At least in my household, they don’t. Asking our three kids to go to bed at night is like asking them to take yucky medicine. The result is usually protests and procrastination.

Ever since they were little, we have established a fixed bedtime routine for our kids. That includes a warm shower, bedtime reading, milk, tuck-in, prayers, and if all goes well, sleep. However, on some days, we are simply too tired to go through the entire routine. I mean the parents are tired, not the kids!

So, when I heard about AME Night Light Plush, I was intrigued.

AME Night Light Plush was invented by 2 parents who are professional artists. They came up with this ingenious idea as a solution to their daughter’s bedtime struggles.

For a long time, their daughter resisted bedtime and struggled going to bed at night. After trying out many night lights in the market without any success, they finally decided to create their own night light plush. And AME Night Light Plush was born.

AME is a night light plush that is ergonomically designed in the shape of a crescent moon that fits perfectly into the child’s arms. It is fitted with a soothing night light and a bilingual (English and Chinese) lullaby that aims to bring comfort to a child at bedtime. There is even a hand drawn book that comes with the plush!

What I like about AME is that the lullaby and the LED light can be easily removed, this means that AME can be washed whenever it gets dirty or dusty! This is a great plus for any parent, especially those with kids who are sensitive to dust and dirt.

AME night light

I do wish that AME is available in Singapore. I know my Elly will love this plush!

I am inspired by these two creative and resourceful parents, who are able to turn their problem into a product! Which is why I am writing this post to show my support to their product.

To bring AME to life, the couple have started a crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter.

Show your support for AME

You can show your support here.

10 lucky supporters in the ‘Pledge $10 or more’ category will be picked to win 1 AME each (Worth USD$49.90) at the end of the campaign.
*Minimum of 50 pledges in ‘Pledge $10 or more’ category required for this lucky draw to be effective.
Campaign ends: 8 September, 2014 (Monday)

The couple also plan to give back to the community by donating 1 AME to a child in need for every 20 sold.

I think that is simply wonderful!

Dislosure: Ingspirations was approached to share about this new product. This post was written as a support to the startup of fellow parents. No monetary compensation was received.

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