Simple Craft: DIY Musical Shaker

It has been ages since I last did craft with my kids. Elly has been asking me to do things with her and I have to admit, I have been REALLY BUSY! So busy that I had no time to do anything with her.

Last week, she came home from school with an assignment. They had to make a musical shaker for their year-end school concert. It was also a parent-child-craft homework, to encourage parents to spend time crafting and bonding with their kids.

So, that finally gave me a chance to slow down, and spend some time making this musical shaker with my girl.

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Looming for a Cause: Rainbow Looms for Club Rainbow

Ever since I bought a box of Rainbow Looms for Jay a few months ago, he has been hit by the rainbow loom craze. For weeks, the first thing he would do when he woke up was to make rainbow looms. And the last thing he would do before he slept was… you guessed it, make rainbow looms!

I was not expecting my boys to enjoy making rainbow looms. After all, isn’t this more of a girl’s craze? :)

But… Jay enjoyed it so much that he would ask us to buy him refill packs, so that he could make more looms.

rainbow loom, charity, club rainbow

So, when I heard from Susan (who blogs at A Juggling Mom) that a group of mothers are selling their handmade looms bracelets and charms to raise funds for Club Rainbow, I knew I had to get my two boys involved.
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Clay Play: Making Teddy Bears

clay teddy bear

We’ve been busy ever since school started more than two weeks ago. Everyday is like a mad rush for me, getting the kids ready for school, preparing their meals, coaching them in their school work. We hardly have time to do anything else.

Today before going to school, Elly asked to “do something”. I searched my bookshelf and saw this pack of modelling clay which we had bought weeks ago at the Science Centre.

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Painted Pebbles

rocks pebbles

We have a huge bag of rocks which I bought years ago from a nursery. Way before the kids were born.

My original plan for these rocks was to use them as ornaments and decorations around our house.

When the kids came along, I’ve found other uses for those rocks. We’ve used them for play, washed them in water, drew on them with markers, painted on them and applied glitter on them.

These rocks are versatile, I tell ya.

Look at these beautiful creations of painted rocks!

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Crafting With Friends

create a scene craft

During the June school holiday, one of my best friends brought her kids over to our place for a time of crafting and writing.

These are the crafts created by Jay and his 2 friends, in that short 30 minutes session of crafting.

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Jay’s Creation: Paper Basketball Game

DIY paper basketball game for kids

Jay has always been the creative one in our family. As in, he likes to create stuff. Invent stuff. He likes fiddling with paper, cardboard, recycled bottles, boxes… basically, whatever he can get his hands on. It is not unusual to see him sitting at the table or on the floor, focused at gluing some cardboard, or taping some pieces of recycled paper.

Sometimes, his creation amazes us.

Like the one he made 2 days ago.

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Fingerprints Art

fingerprints art

I like simple art ideas for kids. Those that require little preparation and materials, can engage kids and allow room for them to be creative. Recently, I found a wonderful art idea on pinterest… Fingerprints Art!

These are all the materials you need:

  • Watercolour
  • Black felt pen / Black markers

Instead of watercolour, you can also use ink pads of various colours. I prefer watercolour for my kids as it won’t leave stains on their little fingers!

All you need to do is to use your fingers to make fingerprints onto a piece of white paper. Once you’re done making fingerprints of various colours, use a felt tip pen to draw in the details and you’re done!

To give you some ideas, here are some lovely fingerprints art:

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Book: Papa Please Get The Moon For Me


This was one of our boys’ favourite books when they were preschoolers. It is a lovely story of a little girl who was fascinated with the moon, and asked her father to get the moon for her. The amazing thing is, her father fulfilled her wish!

As the story unfolds, there are some interesting pages in the book which I think will delight a child.

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Mini World – Cardboard Dollhouses

It’s Monday again and here I am with our Marvellous Monday Facebook Sharing! Except that today, I’m going to wrap up the Marvellous Monday series.

It has been wonderful reading all the posts shared on our Facebook Page the past 4 weeks. I hope you’ve been blessed by all the marvellous ideas shared just as much as I did.

Our Facebook Page will still be open for anyone who wants to share your blogposts on learning and craft activities. You’re still welcome to share your posts there anytime and I will feature selected posts on our Facebook Page.

My kids and I have been having fun making miniature cardboard furniture and dollhouses and I think they’re really cute!
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Social Entrepreneurs in the Making

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you might remember seeing this Facebook status of mine 3 months ago. Jay had a sudden idea to sell handmade cards to raise funds for the poor.

ingspirations handmade cards

All of us got really excited at his idea and I wanted to help him turn it into a reality. He started using MS Paint to create some designs for his cards. Zac saw what he was doing and became interested too. Soon, both boys were sitting in front of our computers, designing cards on MS Paint.

The card-making project somehow halted, due to school work, tests and exams. I was also wondering how to help them turn their MS Paint designs into attractive handmade cards.

It was with great excitement that I discovered Canon Creative Park. With a myriad of attractive patterned papers, scrapbooking embellishments, tags and borders, I knew I had found the answer to turn my boys’ card-making dream into a reality.
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