Stargazing in Singapore

Have you seen Saturn with its rings? I mean the real one? The one that’s up there, in the sky?

We just did! At a stargazing activity which we went to 2 weeks ago. We looked through real, huge telescopes and saw Saturn in the night sky, complete with its rings! We even managed to catch a glimpse of two tiny dots next to the planet, which are the moons of Saturn!

Truly amazing.


Knowing that our two boys are crazy about the Solar System, planets and stars, the hubby brought us for this free talk organised by SAFRA Jurong. The highlight of the event was a hands-on session with real telescopes, right after the talk.

It was a very informative talk, and very interesting too! I was a little skeptical at first, and thought that our kids would not be interested in A TALK. I was expecting that they would most probably find it boring and would get restless during the talk.

But I was proven wrong.

The boys sat through the entire 45 minutes talk, and went “ooooh” and “wow” at the images shown on the screen. They were especially interested when the speaker talked about the distance between earth and the sun, and other planets. Our 5-year-old, who is crazy about numbers, was so interested at the big numbers shown on the screen. We learnt something that night, there is a number known as septillion, which has 24 zeros! The boys went “WOW!” when they heard that. Well, so did I, in fact.

stargazing talk

Part of the talk was about the different constellations found in the sky. I thought that was rather interesting and very mysterious.


Now, the highlight of the stargazing event.

Looking through real telescopes!

We spent some time queueing for our turn at the telescopes. The volunteers were friendly and willingly answered our questions.



Besides Saturn, we managed to see our moon and its craters too!

This image of the moon was taken using the Hubby’s iPhone, through the telescope, amazing! Can you see the craters on the moon?


We left that night feeling awed by the vastness of the universe, and the greatness of our God. There are billions of stars in our galaxy alone. And there are billions of galaxies in the universe. Yet, the universe is still expanding…

That is something beyond our comprehension.

Our boys came back from the stargazing event with even more questions for us! Questions which we have no answers for. But it has definitely fueled their interests in the solar system, planets and outer space even more.

For more stargazing events info, check out these places:

Singapore Science Centre Observatory

Singapore Astronomy Forum


10 thoughts on “Stargazing in Singapore

  1. hi Ing,
    my kid is also interested in the stars.

    Singapore, as a urban city is polluted with “lights” 🙂
    Try Jurong Hill, that’s the only place on mainland Singapore to view the stars with naked eyes.
    If your kids are game on camping, Pulau Semakau has overnight camping (about $40 per head includes boat ride)

    cheers, Andy (SengkangBabies)


  2. This looks like something even I would be interested in! Now I just need to convince the hubs to go with me since my daughter is too young to understand. That pic of the moon is so amazing!


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