35 Activities For Kids During School Holidays

The June school holidays are upon us once again! I’d love to bring my kids out during the school holidays and I will do that as often as I can. However, to be honest, bringing all 3 of them out by myself can be quite daunting. Secondly, it is not really feasible to go out every single day for the next 4 weeks!

So, if you’re like me who will be at home with your kids during the long holidays and have no idea what to do with them, here are some indoor activities you can try out with your kids. Some of them I’ve tried with my kids, others are ideas I’ve found in other sites.

1. Ice painting

Make coloured ice cubes or popsicles by freezing water colour. I tried that years ago with our eldest when he was only 2. It was fun!



2. Play with blocks or Lego

This usually keeps my kids occupied for a long time. They love to build buildings and tall structures. Sometimes, they would get their toy cars, dinosaurs or animal figurines out to have a fun time of pretend play too!



3. Build a mini-zoo

Or whatever place your child wants to. Let his imagination soar!



4. Play with “sand” indoor!

We used Quaker oats as sand. Clean, dry and smells nice! After playing, simply keep it in a dry container for the next indoor sand play time.



5. Draw your own roads and carparks for your toy cars

All you need are some markers and a huge piece of drawing paper. This kept my boys engaged for a long time, as they discussed and drew.



6. Paint or draw with markers on aluminium foil

If drawing on paper is too boring for your kids, how about drawing on a different surface, such as aluminium foil?



7. Play with glurp

Simply mix cornstarch with water. Add a drop of food colouring if you wish. My kids were intrigued by the change in texture of the mixture. You’ve got to try it yourself to know what I mean.

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted. (I’m referring to the one cleaning up!)



8. Chalk on black paper

Give your kids some chalk and black paper and let their creative juices flow.



9. Chalk on the floor

We did that at the corridor outside our apartment, after which we sprayed water to wash away the chalk marks. The boys ended up with waterplay at the corridor. This kept them occupied for hours.

Which bring us to the next point…



10. Waterplay at the corridor, balcony, washroom… wherever!

Works every single time.



11. Play with bubbles.

Which child does not enjoy playing with bubbles? If you cannot stand the thought of bubble solution in your home, simply get your kids to play with the bubbles outdoors.


12. Marble painting

Place paper and marbles in a small box, squirt some paint on the paper and roll the marbles to create a lovely piece of art.



13. Foam play

Also known as bubble bath. A great pre-bath-time activity!



14. Paint like Picasso

Paste big pieces of white paper on the wall and paint away! Be sure to lay newspapers or mats on the floor to catch dripping paint. My boys did that in our kitchen a few years ago and they love it!



15. Books, books and more books!

Get some new books from the library or bookstore and let the kids have an afternoon of fun reading.


16. Create with recycled materials



17. Create with play dough


18. Make a mosaic using different types of beans and white glue



19. Paste masking tapes over paper and paint away!

Peel off the masking tapes and you’ll get a masterpiece like this.



20. Make personalised puppets using paper clips and photographs of family members

Can be fun and hilarious!



21. Build structures with toothpicks and candy

My kids will love the candy, as in eating them! I’ve tried this with my boy before, but not with candies. We used toothpicks and blu-tac. It works just the same.



22. Surreal art masterpiece

Introduce the kids to surreal art and create your own surreal art masterpieces by using magazines cut-outs.



23. Spy training

This is a fun activity for the restless kids. Tie some strings across a pathway and let them try to cross to the other side without touching the strings.



24. Play with big ice block

Freeze water with food colouring and small toys in them. Give the kids tools to break the ice and extract the toys. Great activity for the outdoors on a hot day.



25. Search for hidden foam letters



26. Giant spider web

Play the giant spider web game, using crushed paper and masking tape

The one who gets the most number of paper stuck to the tapes wins.



27. Balloons party

Hit balloons with pool noodles or keep them in the air for as long as you can!



28. Paint on a giant piece of cardboard



29. Balloons and nerf guns

Hit balloons with nerf guns. My boys will love this!



30. Cupcake flowers

Create a flower garden using ice cream sticks and cupcakes holder. Lovely!



31. Science and art

Try this fizzy activity with coloured vinegar and baking soda. You can get coloured vinegar by mixing vinegar with drops of food colouring.



32. Cotton bud painting



33. Fruit loops tower

Make a fruit loops tower… and eat them! Great as a pre-snacks activity!



34. Stacking cups



35. Mess-free finger painting

Place paper and paint in ziploc bags, tape the bags to the table and paint away!

IMG_0531005 Credit

So, there you go, 35 indoor activities to keep your kids busy when you’re stuck at home! For more of such activities, you can take a look at my pinterest boards.

35 fun activities for kids

Do you have other ideas to keep the kids engaged and meaningfully occupied? Share with us in the comments!


21 thoughts on “35 Activities For Kids During School Holidays

  1. Oh I’m definitely bookmarking this post. What fantastic ideas. I really love the indoor sand idea! And that inflatable bathtub has inspired me too. I think Aly will never want to leave the bathroom. Haha.


  2. Thanks Zee! Oh, that inflatable bathtub is one of the best things we’ve invested in. Our kids played in there so many times over the years that I’ve lost count. Water play, ball pool, foam play…. it’s getting a bit worn out now.


    1. Thanks for linking, Corsage! This list is a reminder for myself, more than anything else. Will check out your June holidays activity lists soon! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. Oh, if only I saw this post earlier! But will sure come in handy for the Dec hols! I am going to share this on my facebook page (Kids R Simple) come November! Gotta bookmark this in case I can’t find it! Thanks for the great compilation!


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