Coloured Rice Art

This was something which I did with our 2 boys when they were younger. I first saw this craft being done when I was teaching. Learnt it from my ex-colleague who is a very creative art teacher.

Things needed to make coloured rice:

1. uncooked rice

2. food colouring or watercolour

3. ziploc bags

Here are the steps for making your own coloured rice:

1. Place the desired amount of uncooked rice into a dry ziploc bag.

2. Choose a colour you want and pour the desired amount of food colouring or water colour into the bag of rice, one drop at a time.

3. Shake the bag of rice to thoroughly cover every grain of rice with the food colouring or water colour. If the colour is too light, add more drops of food colouring or water colour, until you get the degree of colour you want. This step can be quite fun for your kids and it can be done by them, while you prepare another bag of rice with a different colour.

4. Repeat with as many bags of different coloured rice as you want!

4. Pour out the coloured rice on a tray to air dry. Ours dried after a day.

5. Once dry, it is ready to be used!

DSCN3375 Our coloured rice. Ready to be used.

Our boys were thrilled to see the colourful rice and were excited to start playing with it immediately.

I gave them a paint brush and a bowl of glue each. You can use white glue, but if you do not have white glue, an easy way to make DIY glue is by mixing starch with warm water, which was what I did that day.


I asked the boys to dip their brush into the glue and paint any picture they wanted. Once they were done painting their pictures, they started scattering the coloured rice onto their “glue paintings”. When they have covered all the glue with the coloured rice, I poured away the excess rice which was not stuck to their paper and there you have it, their very own coloured rice masterpieces.

The 2 boys loved it so much that they did a number of pieces each, until all the coloured rice was used up!







Have you tried making coloured rice? Besides using it to create art pieces, it is also a very inviting tool for sensory play for toddlers. Hide small items, toys, balls in a big box of coloured rice and let your toddler search for the items. They will love rummaging through the vibrant colours!

Have fun trying this out!

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5 thoughts on “Coloured Rice Art

  1. Hey this is fantastic. We’ve done this technique at home using coloured sand but it’s infinitely messier. Coloured rice seems equally fun and definitely more manageable. Plus I like the idea of hiding toys in them. So cool!


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