Ice Painting

The last time I tried ice painting was when our eldest was only 2 years old. He had a great time playing with the ice popsicles, and of course, creating a mess in our kitchen. The idea was stashed for years, as you can see.

2 weeks ago, I decided to let our 3 kids try ice painting again. They were excited and really looking forward to it.

I involved them in the making of the ice popsicles, which they enjoyed as much as (if not more than) the actual ice painting itself.

I prepared a few disposable cups, some ice cream sticks and a few bottles of water colours. Ideally, tempera paint should be used, as the colours are more vibrant. As we didn’t have tempera paint at home then, we substituted it with water colours instead. However, I realised that the results were not as nice.


Anyway. The boys had fun mixing the water colours with some water, and I got them to stir the mixture in the disposable cups. It was nice looking at the many cups of colourful liquids.


We placed all the cups of water colour mixture into the freezer. I told the boys that we would ice paint the next day. They were kept in great anticipation the entire day and kept asking when they could ice paint! As you can see, they couldn’t wait to try it!


Finally, the ice popsicles were ready. I removed each of them by cutting away the disposable cups. They looked pretty in their bright colours.


The kids had fun painting with ice on that hot afternoon.


As I’ve mentioned, the paint was rather diluted and its effect was not as ideal because of the water colour. Tempera paint will yield a better result, I believe.

When the kids got tired of ice painting, I poured a basin of water for them to dip the ice popsicles in… which resulted in a messy time of ice and water play!


I can safely conclude, it might be a few years before I try ice painting again!

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    1. I can’t really recall, cos I think it’s bought by my mom. But such tops are quite common and easily found in local neighbourhood stores, I think.


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