Family Travel: Penang With Kids (Part 2)

While researching for our Penang trip, one of the places in Penang that was highly recommended by travel sites is Penang Hill. We paid a visit to the place and spent a nice few hours there.

One of the highlights of Penang Hill is the well-known railway that brings you all the way up the hill.

IMG_6455 The railway tracks through a tunnel.


IMG_6468 The view from the top of Penang Hill.

Besides walking around and enjoying the scenery, we went on a buggy ride around the hill. During the ride, the driver brought us to a mini aviary and our kids had a good time looking at the birds there.


While we were there, one of the peacocks spread its tail wide, and our boys said that it was “showing off”!


Our kids had fun looking at the birds in the cage.


While kids may be easily bored by sightseeing after awhile, no matter how beautiful the scenery, they come alive when there are animals and well, playgrounds!

So, I was glad that there’s a small playground at the top of the hill, because our three little ones were getting a tad restless by the sightseeing. We took a break at the playground, while the three released some pent-up energy there.




All in all, it was a nice trip up Penang Hill. Try to be there earlier in the morning to beat the crowd, and avoid the noontime heat.

Ticketing prices and more information about Penang Hill can be found here.


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