Fun With Chalk Pastels

I was excited to get my hands on this box of chalk pastels and couldn’t wait to let the kids try them.


Little Gal was the first to get the chance to play with them. I gave her a piece of black paper and she went doodling away! This is great for developing her fine motor skills such as grasping and holding a pencil for writing in the future.


I later got J to try out the chalk pastels and he had a great time drawing and blending the pastels with his fingers.


Pastels are great for blending with fingers. The result is a soft and powdery look, which is calming and beautiful.


J was really focused and having a great time creating his piece of chalk pastels art. He was happily blending away and when he was finally done, his hands, fingers and even arms were covered with chalk powder! But he was happy with his masterpiece. One which he proudly presented to me and told me it’s a National Day present for me! Sweet.


I love it!

Chalk pastels is a great tool for creating beautiful pieces of art. I know the kids will love to do this again. If you google for “chalk pastels” images, you will see lots of beautiful chalk pastels masterpieces online.

May you be inspired to create one for yourself, or with your kids!


4 thoughts on “Fun With Chalk Pastels

  1. Hi, I visited from homeschool@sg. I found your children very familiar. I realised I used to read your previous blog. So I’m glad you continue blogging. 🙂

    Chalk pastels look interesting. Will try it with my boys someday. 🙂


  2. My kids love chalk pastels too. They can get messy but I love the soft feel of the dusty chalk on my fingers. And oh! They blend so nicely!!

    The kids love smearing their faces with their chalky hands at the end of an art session for a bit of play pretend. I haven’t decided if I really like that part yet.


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