Creating With Coloured Salt

Do you know you can make your own coloured salts?

That was what I did just the other day, with J and Little Gal.

All you need are a large packet of salt, some coloured chalks, a few plastic bowls and spoons.

First, I got the kids to scoop the salt into the plastic bowl. It is best not to fill more than half the bowl, so that the salt will not spill over when you’re at the next step.

making coloured salts scooping

The next step is where the fun begins! The kids chose a coloured chalk each, and I got them to start stirring the bowl of salt with the chalk. The amazing thing is, the chalk gets rubbed on to the salt, making it turn into the colour of the chalk. The kids had a great time stirring and trying out different colours. I couldn’t resist joining in the fun too!

Being the curious boy that he is, J wanted to see what would happen if he mixed two different colours. So, he stirred the red and yellow chalk together. He was excited to see orange! These are the bowls of coloured salts we created that afternoon. I love the beautiful and pleasant colours!

coloured salt art

Now, there are many things you can do with these salts. If you have a toddler, you can let her have sensory play using these coloured salts. I will most probably do that with Little Gal another day.

What we did that day, however, was to create using these coloured salts. As Teachers’ Day is around the corner, J wanted to make something for his school teachers. So, I got him an emtpy glass bottle (I recycled the soya bean drinks bottle.) and showed J how to scoop the salt into the bottle, one colour at a time.

coloured salts bottle art

Little Gal wanted to try it too, but it was a little too challenging for her, as the opening of the bottle was a little too small for a toddler. If you’re doing this with a toddler, a bottle or container with a bigger opening will be most ideal. Alternatively, you can use a funnel to make it easier for your kids.

J was very focused and hard at work, determined to create the coloured salt bottles for his teachers.

making coloured salt

A word of caution: It can get really MESSY! As with all our messy activities, we did this on our big piece of plastic sheet to make cleaning up easier.

making coloured salt

J was literally perspiring after all the stirring and scooping! But he had a great sense of accomplishment once he’s done!

We sealed the bottle with some play dough. I printed a lovely quote from here, tied some ribbons around the bottle, together with the printed tag, and viola, a lovely handmade gift for Teachers’ Day!

teachers' appreciation day gifts ideas

I think this activity is more suitable for kids 5 years old and above. For toddlers and younger kids, I would suggest using a smaller container but one with a bigger opening.

Besides making these coloured salts bottles, we also created another piece of art using these coloured salts. More on that in the next post.


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