10 Lantern Making Ideas

With Lantern Festival coming, many local shops are starting to sell all kinds of lanterns. Personally, I prefer lanterns that are lighted with candles, as compared to those battery-operated noisy musical ones. I love the flickering effects of the fire on candles. I find tea light candles a great choice for kids’ lanterns as they are more stable as compared to normal birthday cake candles, which can topple rather easily.


Instead of buying ready-made or musical lanterns from stores this year, why not spend some time making your own lanterns, together with your kids. These are some lovely lanterns that you can make. Most of these can be lighted with tea light candles.

10 Ideas For Making Your Own Lanterns

1. Glass Jar Lantern


I love these simple lanterns made using recycled empty glass jars, coloured paper and glue by Picklebums. Place a tea light candle in the jar and you have a lovely and unique lantern!

2. Paper Lantern


A Pumpkin and A Princess shared this lovely DIY paper lantern tutorial. This is a common lantern craft that many of our kids would have done in school at one time or another. Use a pretty wrapping paper to make your paper lantern look more attractive!

3. More Paper Lantern


Print out this free template by the Boulder Families to make this enchanting paper lantern, which can also be used as a night light on tables or in the kids’ rooms.

4. Lovely Ornament Lantern


This is such an innovative idea by The Creative Place. It is truly a very creative way to make your own lantern. Follow these simple steps. I’m going to try this with my kids!

5. Paper Mâché Globe Lantern


My boys will love making these! What a fun way to make a lantern that looks like a globe with tiny lights shining from it! Check out the steps by Housing A Forest.

6. Recycled Plastic Bottle Lantern


Don’t throw away those used plastic bottles. Use them to make these lovely lanterns, with these simple steps by Artsy Craftsy Mom.

7. Tissue Paper Balloon Lantern


Kleas shares these steps for making this fun lantern!

8. Wax Paper Lantern


Here’s another lovely DIY lantern by Kleas. I love the effect of the maple leaf on the lantern. You can also use flowers instead of leaves.

9. Ice Cream Sticks Lantern


Now, this is something new to me! Thanks to Artsy Fartsy Mama for sharing this lovely idea. I know my kids will enjoy making this. This is also a great craft idea for school art teachers to do with their students.

10. Art Paper Bag Lantern


Wondering what to do with your kids’ art pieces? Check out these steps for making art lanterns using children’s art pieces, by Artful Kids. You can also just use a plain paper bag, get your kids to paint on it and you’ll get a paper bag lantern. Easy and fun!

Do you have more lantern-making ideas? Share with us in the comments below!



21 thoughts on “10 Lantern Making Ideas

  1. I have seen several “how to’s” for the accordion style lanterns but none of them show what you actually put the tea light on. There is no bottom if you follow the instructions.Only a cylinder with no top or bottom and a handle to carry it with but no bottom.


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