Learning to Count with Numbers Worksheets

Recently, while searching for teaching and learning resources for my kids, I chanced upon this website that has tons of activities ideas, resources and printables!

So, when they contacted me to host a guest post on their Math Worksheets, I gladly agree, simply because I think this is a great website full of wonderful resources for both parents and teachers.

Here’s a guest post by Blythe Tai of Education.com, on using Numbers Worksheets to Teach Counting.


Learning to Count, with Numbers Worksheets

~ by Blythe Tai

Teaching young children about numbers can seem like a daunting task. To learn to count, kids need to learn the names of numbers, their symbols, and what they represent. While it might seem near impossible to show your children these foundational concepts, teaching kids about numbers can actually be as simple as adding an extension to your everyday activities together.

Building early math skills before entering elementary school can help kids develop rational and logical thought processes, and in turn help build a foundation for reasoning, reading comprehension, and complex thought formation. One excellent way to get three to five year olds prepared for elementary school math is to show them simple and fun math practice worksheets to help them gain exposure to number symbols and representations. Here are some of our favorite Math worksheets for preschoolers and young children:

colour by number math worksheet for kids

Color by number worksheets are excellent resources for children who are working on number recognition. With practice, kids will learn to see the visual representation of a number and identify it. They also love finding hidden images!

counting numbers worksheets preschool

Active counting worksheets like this one are great for kids who are working on counting in order. This worksheet allows children to learn numbers through multi-sensory exposure; kids get the opportunity to point, speak, read, and draw. When your child finishes this worksheet, or any of the ten in the series, try hanging the worksheet in his bedroom to act as a reference.

counting numbers math worksheet for kids

These classic ‘All About Numbers’ worksheets get children to trace, count, and find the focus number. These are great basic worksheets for preschoolers, and act as a prep exercise for kindergarten work as well.


Thank you Blythe, for the recommendations!

Besides Math, there are articles, printables and activities ideas for other subjects found on Education.com, such as art and crafts, Science experiments, writing, phonics and reading, colouring and many others!

Hope you can find something useful there for your school or home use!


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