Learning the Alphabet

My girl is turning 3 in a few months time and is beginning to show an interest in letters and words. Since she’s at her sensitive period for learning letters, I will be doing more letter recognition activities with her.

The first letter that she has learnt a few months ago was E, which is the first letter of her name. The other letters she can recognise now are J, the first letter of her brother’s name, and M for mummy.

I made this set of matching uppercase and lowercase letters (with velcro) for her to play with, with the purpose of exposing her to the alphabet.

This was how we played with this Letters Matching Set.

I showed her the uppercase and lowercase of each letter, and got her to say the letter after me.

This is mainly for exposure, so that she can be aware of the many letters in the alphabet.

When we have gone through the 6 letters (3 uppercase and 3 lowercase), I placed the letters on the table.

I then pointed to the uppercase A and asked her, “Where is A?”

She would try to pick the same letter from the table and place it next to the letter shown on the letter mat.



We went on until she’s no longer interested, and we stopped. I don’t force her to continue once the interest level is not there.


To make it more fun for her, sometimes I hide those letters in a box of beads for her to find. The sensory aspect of this makes learning more fun and interesting for the little one.



She enjoyed searching for the letters among the colourful beads.


I place this Letters Matching Set at a low table and whenever she feels like playing, she will take it out and asks to play with it.

For children who already know the alphabet, this set can be used for playing uppercase and lowercase matching too. The child just needs to look for a lowercase letter to be placed next to its uppercase one and vice versa (as shown below).


If you would like a soft copy of this letters matching set, I’d be making the free printables available soon, once I’m done editing and uploading it. Stay tuned via our Facebook page.

Have fun teaching your little ones!



These alphabet charts are ready for download here.


5 thoughts on “Learning the Alphabet

  1. What a fun way to learn! I love the sensory idea too. My youngest is about the same age and yours and he also into the alphabet. We started with the letter “S” and now he’s having fun pointing out letters on cereal boxes and magazines at the meal table.


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