DIY Alphabet Fishing Game with Free Printables

My little ones, especially my 5-year-old, like to come to me and ask to do crafts or to create. In fact, he’s always into creating, folding papers, making origami and simply inventing stuff.

So, the other day when he asked me to invent something together, I got him to help me make this set of alphabet fishing game for our Little Girl.


I drew 26 fish outlines and got him to help me cut them. Then, I drew the uppercase letters of the alphabet on coloured paper, cut them out and asked him to paste a letter on each fish.

Finally, for the mouth, we added a metal paper clip onto each fish where the mouth was supposed to be.


When the set of alphabet fish was ready, we made a fishing rod using a wooden chopstick, tied a piece of thin ribbon onto it and pasted a small piece of round magnet at the other end.

And the alphabet fishing game set was ready!

J was excited to give the game a try, since he was the one who helped me make them. He had fun trying to fish the letters that I called out.


When Little Girl saw the fishing game set, she couldn’t wait to try it too! As she’s only able to recognise some letters now, we changed the rule of the game. I let her fish any letter she wanted and asked her to tell me the name of each letter. For those letters that she couldn’t name, I would say the letter and asked her to repeat after me.


She had fun playing the game. Besides learning letters, this game is also great for developing hand-and-eye coordination for our toddler.


Since the fishing game was such a hit with my kids, I’ve created a nicer version of it to be printed and laminated.

I’m making it available here for you too!

Click on any of the links below to download and print the alphabet fish.

Alphabet Fish Uppercase Coloured

Alphabet Fish Lowercase Coloured

Alphabet Fish Uppercase BW

Alphabet Fish Lowercase BW

Have fun playing the alphabet fishing game with your child!



2 thoughts on “DIY Alphabet Fishing Game with Free Printables

  1. Wow! This is so simple fun to make! I always admire people who can think of simple games out of simple things around us. Thanks for sharing! I think I can make one set for Math for my 6 year old boy to fish out answers!


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