DIY Mix and Match Puzzles {Free Printables}

What can you do with these wooden blocks?

wooden puzzles DIY

Turn them into these!

DIY melissa and doug wooden puzzles

A set of Mix and Match wooden puzzles for my toddler, Melissa and Doug style! DIY chunky wooden puzzles I made them using the wooden blocks I bought for $2 a packet (at Daiso) and printouts of some lovely cliparts. When our girl saw the wooden pieces, she was excited, and started playing with them immediately. I placed the puzzle pieces on the floor, all mixed up and left them for her to explore. She tried putting them together… and laughed when the cartoon looked weird. DIY wooden puzzle for toddlers I showed her a few examples and after many attempts and some trial and error, she was able to put these puzzle pieces together. DIY mix and match wooden puzzle She played with these for quite some time, and took them out to play again the next few days. I personally think it was fun, and very economical! DIY wooden puzzles for toddlers Now, here are the steps that I took to make these puzzles. 1. Place 2 wooden blocks side by side and stick them together using either white glue or double-sided tape. These blocks are about 3cm by 3cm each. So, when I glued two of them together side by side, the dimensions of each puzzle piece is about 6cm by 3cm. IMG_7604 2. Print out these cute cartoon cliparts. (Scroll down for the free printables.) 3. Cut each cartoon into 3 parts (top, middle, bottom) and glue them onto the wooden blocks. That’s it! A very lovely set of DIY mix and match wooden puzzle. You can even make these as a gift! It will make a lovely gift, especially for little girls. Download the free printable here. (Clipart source:



10 thoughts on “DIY Mix and Match Puzzles {Free Printables}

    1. Hi Angie, I didn’t laminate them. I just printed on normal printing paper and glue using glue stick. I guess if you want better quality pics, you can print them on glossy photo paper, with laser printer.


    1. Hi Christy, Melissa & Doug is a brand for educational toys and wooden puzzles. Their items are quite expensive, I find. That’s why I made a DIY alternative. 🙂 Hope your dinosaurs set is good too! That’s a great idea!


  1. I was looking for ideas on how to use these blocks and was brought to this page. Then I went ‘omg, omg so pretty.. Who in the world is awesome the mummy’ and then eh, I know her!! LOL bimbo moment there! I LOVE YOUR IDEA! thanks for the free printables!!


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