Make a Snowman Without Snow – 10 Snowman Crafts for Kids

Our kids have always wished to play with snow and to make snowmen. Living near the equator means we have never experienced snow here before, neither have we brought our kids to any other country with snow yet.

We do have a Snow City in town which we have never visited before. Well, maybe one day…

If you’re like my kids who wish to make snowmen but have no snow, or you prefer your kids to build a snowman in the warmth of the house instead of the freezing cold outside, here are 10 ideas for making a snowman with your kids.

1. Juice Box Snowman

Recycle your juice boxes for these cute little snowmen. Add some buttons, ribbons for scarves and these can be a lovely display on the kids’ table.

(Source: The Chic Site)

2. Bottle Cap Snowman

Glue 3 bottle caps along a ribbon, into the shape of a snowman. Get your kids to decorate it. These can be hung on Christmas trees as a lovely and creative decoration.

(Source: Craft Interrupted)

3. Milk Jug Snowman

Recycle those empty milk jugs and make them into glowing snowmen by placing light sticks into the jugs. Decorate with pom poms and construction papers.

(Source: Oriental Trading)

4. Cup Printed Snowman

These are really easy to make. Get two paper cups of different sized rims, dip the rims into white paint and print them onto paper to make the shape of a snowman. Decorate your snowman with craft materials you can find at home. This activity is really great for preschoolers.

(Source: Playing House)

5. Paper Bag Snowman

This is a craft that can be used as a gift bag for kids’ parties. Lovely and innovative. Free template in the source link below.

(Source: Spoonful)

6. Snowman Door

Want a bigger snowman? How about an entire door decorated to look like a snowman?!! It’s really simple to make this if you have a white door in your house. All you need are paper cut outs of black circles, an orange triangle for the nose and Christmas wrapping paper for its scarf.

(Source: The Creative Stamper Spot)

7. Popsicle Sticks Snowman

Glue a few popsicle sticks together and paint them white. Marker to draw the mouth, felt or foam for the nose and hat, stick on two googly eyes to complete your snowman. Decorate with ribbons and you have a lovely wooden snowman ornament.

(Source: Mom on Timeout

8. Tissue Box Snowman

Here’s a snowman craft that can be turned into a bowling game too! All you need are some empty tissue boxes, black and orange papers, markers, black pom poms and white paint. You can also decorate your snowman with coloured papers or ribbons. Give your child a ball to roll and knock down the tissue boxes, for a game of bowling. Great fun!

(Source: Craftaholics Anonymous)

9. Tube Sock Snowman

Make these really adorable snowmen with long, white tube socks. Stuff some cotton wool into the sock, tie the open end and turn that end over itself to make it into a hat for the snowman. Decorate your snowman with whatever craft items you have.

(Source: The Incredible K)

10. Marshmallow Snowman

Finally, how about an edible snowman? Here’s one that’s both fun and easy to make with kids. Poke a wooden skewer through two or three large marshmallows and decorate the snowman with edible ink, candies or chocolates. You’ll get a sweet little marshmallow snowman that will disappear as quickly as you can make it. Pretty much like real snowmen that don’t last too long!

(Source: The Decorated Cookie)

So, there you go, 10 snowman crafts that you can create with your kids.

I know my three little ones will have fun making some of these, especially after watching the latest Disney movie, “Frozen” and being greatly entertained by Olaf the Snowman.


Have fun making these snowmen with your little ones!


6 thoughts on “Make a Snowman Without Snow – 10 Snowman Crafts for Kids

    1. I like the milk jug ones too, ‘cos they glow! We’ve tried making the tissue box snowman, simply because we have so many empty tissue boxes lying around.


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