Family Bonding: Snorkelling at Rainbow Reef (Adventure Cove Waterpark)

We have heard and read so much about one of the latest attractions at Sentosa, the Adventure Cove Waterpark, that we finally brought the kids there to check it out.

This is not a full review of the waterpark. Instead, I want to highlight one of the places in Adventure Cove where we spent most of our time that day – The Rainbow Reef.

The Rainbow Reef boasts of a 20,000 population of tropical fishes, swimming alongside snorkellers. There are over 100 species of marine life living among the coral reefs.

adventure cove snorkeling

What made this area of the Waterpark so appealing to us, besides the snorkelling experience (which was free, by the way!), was the stretch of sand and deck chairs smacked right in front of the aquarium with an amazing view of the marine life in the Rainbow Reef.

These are some of the beautiful and brightly coloured fishes we saw that day.

rainbow reef marine life sentosa

It was great to be able to stand there simply watching the fishes swim by. The vibrant colours of some of the species were really amazing. Oh, we could also see the snorkellers swimming by too!

snorkeling adventure cove rainbow reefOur 2 boys swimming by with their Daddy!

Our two boys tried snorkelling with their Daddy, while Little Girl and I stayed at the sandy area, playing with the sand and watching the fishes. As we were there on a weekday before the school holidays, the place was not crowded at all. It was so peaceful we had such a lovely afternoon there!

The boys had a fun time snorkelling and swimming with the thousands of fishes. (Do note that the minimum height requirement for snorkelling at the Rainbow Reef is 107cm.)

rainbow reef adventure cove snorkelling

I find this worth mentioning because of the educational value of the place. Kids can see the different species of fishes, take photos of them and return home to read up or learn more about each type of fish. These are some of the more vibrantly-coloured species that you can expect to find there.

You can find more information about the Adventure Cove Waterpark here.

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4 thoughts on “Family Bonding: Snorkelling at Rainbow Reef (Adventure Cove Waterpark)

  1. This looks interesting and fun! I didn’t know the snorkeling is free. I’ve seen so many fb photos by friends and thought it must cost a bomb. I think I’ll bring my kids there after the school holidays on a weekend which I think may be crowded too, but should be better than now. Thanks for highlighting this apart from the main water play.


    1. Yes, I was expecting some additional charges, so was pleasantly surprised that isn’t any. I heard it gets crowded even on normal weekends…. that’s why we went on a weekday.


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