Indoor Sand Play with Kinetic Sand

Sandplay is a great sensory activity for children. It is one of those activities that is well-loved by our three kids.

Whenever they see sand, be it at the beach or a playground, there is no way we can stop them from getting their fingers into it!

They have even asked me before if they could bring home a bag of sand from the beach, so that they could continue to play with it at home! My answer to that? No way!

So, when I first heard about kinetic sand, I was thrilled about the idea of letting the kids play with real sand at home. Thanks to a dear friend who bought our kids a packet of kinetic sand, they finally have a chance to play with real sand, in the comfort of our home! (S0, this is NOT a sponsored post!)

When I first opened the packet of kinetic sand, all three of them went ooh and aah over it. We like the smooth and soft texture of the sand. It is quite amazing that the sand seemed to be moving when we scooped a handful of it on our palms. It is not called Kinetic Sand for nothing!


I supplied the kids with some playdoh molds that we have at home and they immediately went to work building their sandcastles at home.


The kids were amazed at how easy it was to mold the sand. Whenever they built sandcastles at the beach, they had always found it a challenge to make a perfect mold. You have to pour in a certain amount of water onto the sand to make a sandcastle that doesn’t topple. Not an easy task, I’d say!

So, we were really surprised that with the kinetic sand, we were able to get the sand beautifully and perfectly molded, and without the need to add in any water!


What a great invention!

Having tried out kinetic sand for ourselves, these are the pros and cons of the product, in my opinion.

~ It is made of 98% pure sand, which means you can have a real sand play experience at home.
~ It is highly moldable.
~ It is clean sand! (You don’t have to worry about germs.)
~ There is no need to add water before molding, which means kids stay dry!
~ It can be easily kept and played with again and again.
~ It is definitely more fun than our own version of indoor sand!

~ Although it is relatively mess-free, I still found tiny grains of sand on the floor after playing. It is highly recommended to let the kids play with it on a plastic sheet.
~ It is highly sensitive to humidity. It is best played in climates where humidity levels are lower than 60%, which means you need to either find a cool and dry area at home to play with, or switch on the air conditioner.
~ The price of close to 30 bucks for 1 kg of sand is considered quite steep for our standard.

As you can see, the pros still outweigh the cons for this one. The kids have since played with their kinetic sand many times. I am really glad they can now finally have real sand play anytime they want, in the comfort of our home, without the need to bring them to the beach!


3 thoughts on “Indoor Sand Play with Kinetic Sand

  1. The greatest thing I have ever got for my two and four year old boys. Had trouble tracking it down but eventually found it at a shop called Neeto in Moonee Ponds in the same centre as K Mart . They had 1kg for $20 but the 5kg pack for $50 was fantastic value


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