Cloud Dough

Having heard so much about cloud dough, we finally attempted making it last weekend.

All you need are flour and baby oil. If you do not have baby oil, vegetable oil will do just fine, although it won’t smell as nice.

I prepared the ingredients – 4 cups of flour and 0.5 cup of vegetable oil and laid them out on a mat.

cloud dough recipe

When Elly saw the two containers, she immediately became very curious and asked me what those were.

I invited her to pour the oil into the container of flour, which she gladly did.

Her next response was to touch the flour and oil with her hands. I encouraged her to mold the mixture. She was almost surprised to see the mixture turning into a dough and exclaimed, “Like Play Doh!!!”

cloud dough sensory play

I supplied her with some molding tools for her cloud dough sensory play. Elly wasted no time in her exploration and creation.

cloud dough sensory play

When she became bored with the plain dough, we decided to add some colours to it. I poured some non-toxic Crayola finger paint onto some of the cloud dough and asked Elly to work the paint into the dough with her fingers. We were surprised by the effect!

coloured cloud dough

Somehow, the cloud dough turned into spotted pink, which resembles the confetti Play Doh available in stores! Elly was totally amazed by it, and remarked that it looked like ice cream!

She spent a good 30 minutes playing, molding and scooping the cloud dough.

cloud dough sensory play

The cloud dough feels soft and very moldable.

cloud dough

Not only did our preschooler enjoyed playing with the cloud dough, our two older boys had a great time molding and fiddling with it too!

cloud dough play

Playing with dough is a great sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers, and provides hours of creative fun for kids of all ages.

Try it with your little ones, if you have not!

cloud dough recipe


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