20 Activities To Engage Your Kids During School Holidays

It seems that school has just started not long ago, but before we know it, school holidays are coming!

While all kids love school holidays, some parents are already beginning to panic, with thoughts like “What on earth am I going to do with the kids the entire week?”

If you’re one of those parents, don’t despair. There are many activities that we can engage our kids in, and they do not even have to be learning or academic activities. Let the kids have fun, relax and enjoy. After all, it is their school holidays, isn’t it?

So, here are some ideas to keep your kids meaningfully occupied during the week-long March holidays. Some of these do not even cost a cent!

Here you go,

20 Activities to Engage your Kids

1. Explore the neighbourhood

neighbourhood walk

Have you ever brought your kids on a walk around the neighbourhood? A leisurely, unhurried, without-an-agenda walk? Try it and see what you and your kids get to notice as you explore your neighbourhood. To make it more fun, let them bring along a camera to take photos of whatever things that interest them. You can even print out those photos and create a scrapbook!

2. Go marketing

If you’ve never had a chance to bring your kids marketing during schooldays, plan a marketing day during the holidays. Let the kids help to write the shopping list, look for the items, place them in the trolley and hand them the cash to make payment at the cashier.

3. Do housework

Here is another chore that we are so used to doing and which most of us dread. However, most kids, especially those who are still far from the teenage years, love doing household chores! Hand them the vacuum cleaner, mop and cloth, and let them help with some spring cleaning of the house.

4. Science experiments

fun science

Are there any Science experiments that your kids have been wanting to try out but you’ve not had the time to do them during schooldays? Now is the best time to get the materials and spend a few hours letting the kids be little Scientists.

5. Build a city

building with blocks

Use Lego, building blocks, recycled boxes to build a city. Make it more challenging and fun by using these paper house templates. Add in toy vehicles and your kids can spend hours creating and playing with their little city.

6. Have an indoor picnic

indoor picnic

We had ours, and it was fun!

7. Pretend play

Have a time of dramatic play, letting the kids dress up in costumes, pretend tea party, role-playing as teacher, firemen, cashier, chef… anything they can imagine and come up with. You can also give them some materials to create props for them to act out their favourite fairy tale.

8. Visit the farms

visit farms singapore

Although an urban city, there are still quite a number of farms in Singapore. Check out some of these farms and plan an outing there during the school holidays.

9. Build sandcastles at the beach

We love the beaches at Sentosa. School holidays is a perfect time to bring the kids for some sandplay at the beach. I know my kids will love that.

10. Build sandcastles at home

kinetic sand

If it is too much of a hassle to go to the beach, you can also build sandcastles at home.

11. Bake

baking with kids

Here’s a simple cookies recipe that you can use.

12. Cook

If you cook, instead of trying to keep the kids occupied with other things so that you can cook in peace, why not get them to help out in the kitchen? I know it can get pretty messy, and the time taken to prepare a simple meal may double or even triple, but it will be a great experience for the little ones to be able to assist in preparing dinner or just a simple lunch. School holidays is the best time to do that, since the kids are at home for hours.

13. Create an art corner in the house

I was totally inspired by this idea to create an art corner in our home, for the kids to spend their time drawing, painting, creating and simply doing art.

14. Play board games

Board games are great for family bonding and keeping the kids occupied while having fun at the same time.

15. Water play


This is a winner. Every single time.

16. Play with dough

Besides store-bought play dough, there are many versions of dough that you can make for or with the kids. Let the kids have fun making their own play dough and using it to create.

17. Play with farm animals figurines

farm play

Our kids used to love playing with their farm animals figurines. They like to pretend they are farmers, feeding, washing, taking care of the farm animals.

18. Go scootering

Along the corridor, or simply bring them to a nearby park and let them loose!

19. Go cycling

If your kids prefer to cycle instead of riding the mini-scooter, go ahead, let them release those pent-up energy.

20. Read

Read at home or visit the library. Make use of the school holidays for them to read, read, read.

There you go, 20 activities that you can do with your kids during this coming March school holidays, an average of 4 activities a day for the 5 weekdays!


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