Family Bonding: A Place To Feed Animals

There’s something about feeding little animals that attracts kids, especially mine. Whenever we tell them that we’re going to go feed the rabbits, goats, fish, turtles… whatever, they jump for joy.

Elly has been asking to go feed some rabbits, so I was really excited when I heard from my sis-in-law that we can feed rabbits at Farmart Centre’s Animal Corner.

rabbits farmart centre

Although it is quite a small and rugged area of the farm, the children went wild when they realised that there were little animals for them to feed at the Animal Corner. Yes, that’s how much they love to feed animals.

farmart centre singapore

Elly had her wish of feeding the rabbits.

rabbit feeding singapore

Besides rabbits, there are other animals for visitors to feed.

Such as guinea pigs.

farmart animal corner


feeding goat farmart centre


farmart centre fish feeding

You can even feed the parrots!

farmart centre parrots feeding

Talking about parrots, there is another area near the prawning ponds, where lots of parrots are on display for visitors to touch, hold and photograph.

Zac and Jay were thrilled to get an experience of having a parrot on their hands. Just look at the smile on Jay’s face.

parrots farmart centre singapore

The parrots are colourful and really cute.

parrots farmart centre

It was a lovely 2 hours of animals-feeding, animals-watching and parrots-holding experience.

The kids did not leave the place empty-handed though. They happily brought back a small tank of tadpoles for only $4, to continue the rural experience at home.

So, now we have some new pets at home… tadpoles.

buy tadpole in singapore

Everyday, the boys will be staring into the tank observing the tadpoles, and getting excited when they spot one or two with legs growing. They can’t wait for them to turn into frogs.

And one fine day, Jay excitedly squealed that one of their little tadpoles has turned into a frog! Everyone scurried over to take a look. True enough, the little frog was there, standing very still on a leaf.

tadpoles frog farm singapore

Here’s a close-up of our little froggy friend.

tadpoles singapore farm

We were advised by the farmer at Farmart Centre to release the frogs once the tadpoles have turned into frogs.

Unfortunately, our little frog died before we had a chance to release it. The other tadpoles did not survive too, although the farmer had told us that they would turn into frogs in about 2 to 3 weeks. So that was quite a disappointment for the kids.

But if you ask them, they still want to go to the farm again, just so that they can get to feed some animals and buy some more tadpoles.

Is that the result of urbanisation? Kids deprived of rural experiences?

If you’re looking for some rural experience for your kids, or just want to feed some rabbits, or buy some tadpoles, this is one place where you can check out.

Farmart Centre
Add: 67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008

More info here.


10 thoughts on “Family Bonding: A Place To Feed Animals

    1. Haha, me too! The last we went to Hey Diaries, they no longer allow feeding of their goats. Have they changed the rule again? Will be great if that is so.


  1. Please do not buy any tadpoles unless you are committed to taking good care of them n seeing them to adulthood n releasing them back to the place they came from. Like all living creatures they need the right conditions, right food. Poor little frog who died 😦


    1. Hi Emily, totally agree. I think you should write to the farmers to tell them please do not sell tadpoles because they can’t survive in a home environment! They should be kept right there in the farm and not be sold for profits!


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