Family Bonding: Fishing in the River

The boys marveled at tales of childhood adventures told by their daddy. Tales of catching grasshoppers, catching fishes in canals and rivers, stealing eggs from chicken coops and kampung life adventures.

They could not believe that life could be that fun when the daddy was a boy.

So, we brought them to have a taste of fishing in the river.

Their little eyes lit up with excitement.

fishing bishan park river

We brought nets and an empty plastic fish tank. The boys were dressed in casual T-shirts, shorts and slippers. They were thrilled that they could actually walk into the river to catch fish with their nets and bare hands.

Bishan Park fishing river

While the boys were having fun in the river, the girl and I watched on. She was too young to get into the river.

bishan park river

The boys were satisfied with their catch of the day… 3 little guppies, for 2 hours of fishing.

I guess they were more than happy with the experience itself, that they wouldn’t mind even if they did not catch anything.

longkang fishing

I think every child should try this, at least once in their childhood.

For more information on fishing at Bishan Park, the recommended fishing location and precautions, check out this post by Sengkang Babies.


5 thoughts on “Family Bonding: Fishing in the River

  1. How different play is now from what we know how it was back then! No expensive toys or gadgets, the entire neighborhood was a playground. I spent hours (unsupervised) outside. Now, I never let my kids out of the house without an adult companion. It is much dangerous for kids to stay outside these days.


    1. Those were the days… It is really rare now for kids to play like how we used to when we were kids. That is why we try to bring them out to be in touch with nature as much as we can, especially since we live in an urban jungle!


  2. Thanks for linking back Ing 🙂
    Glad your boys find “fishing” interesting too.

    We did not bring any guppies or snails home, our kids always manage to kill their “pets” within the week haha.


    1. Haha! Sounds familiar. Ours too. That’s why I had asked them to release those 3 guppies but I guess they were too excited over their catch that they insisted on bringing them home. Surprisingly, these guppies are quite hardy.


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