School Holidays Activities: Exploring Singapore at Night

Kids (and teachers) cheer when school holidays are near. As for the parents, some are vexed while others relax. I belong to the camp of parents who LOVE school holidays. I used to dread it because I had no idea what to do being stuck at home with three kids the whole day. Now, ever since the boys entered Primary school, I look forward to school holidays just as much as they do, if not more!

School holidays are great because there is no need to rush for school buses, check the school bags, wash the school uniforms, prepare for the endless spellings and tests, and forcing the kids to sleep early at night.

And because they don’t have to sleep early, we can go out at night! That, my friend, is one of my favourites during school holidays!

There’s something about exploring the city at night that I enjoy. The kids like it too. They don’t get to stay out late into the night during school days.

If you’re a night owl like me, and you’d like to bring your kids on a family outing in Singapore at night, these are some places you can check out:

1. Sentosa

sentosa at night

I’ve always told the hubby and kids, there’s something magical about Sentosa at night. We love walking around the Merlion Plaza, listening to the background music and trying to catch the fountain spouts at the long mosaic walkway. Touring the island in a tram at night is another highlight, especially if the weather is cooling.

If you’re near Resorts World Sentosa at night, walk over to the Lake of Dreams to catch their nightly 9.30pm performance of music, fire, water and light. All FREE.

2. Gardens by the Bay

We love Gardens by the Bay, day or night. When night falls, there is a special charm about the place, especially around the brightly-lit super trees. They make you feel like you’re in Avatar-land, except you’re not blue!

gardens by the bay

With the newly opened Far East Organisation Children’s Garden, kids can even have waterplay at night! How cool is that?

3. Star gazing

If your kids love the stars and planets, you can bring them for a night of star gazing. You can catch a glimpse of these stars and planets at the Singapore Science Centre on Friday nights. Information on other places for star gazing can be found here.

4. Night safari

night safari

We’ve been there twice and the kids love it! Somehow, they feel a sense of suspense walking around looking at animals in the zoo at night. Our favourite is the tram ride, which takes us around the night safari. Be sure to check out the Naracoorte Cave if you’re there. That is one very unique place that made us feel like we were out of Singapore.

5. Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

MBS at night

We like to take a walk along Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade at night, taking in the breathtaking view of the river and city lights. The kids love it when they get to bring along some light-sticks to play in the dark.

6. Night cycling

cycling with kids

Cycling is a popular activity for families in Singapore. Most families have cycled at East Coast Park during the day. How about bringing your kids for a night of cycling? Bring your own bikes or rent one at the bike rental kiosks at East Coast, which are usually open at night.

7. Clark Quay / Central Mall

We visited this area a couple of times with our kids at night. The highlight of this place for us with our kids is simply sitting by the river with a Hokkaido ice cream cone in hand, and watching the crazy very brave souls screaming away on the G-max extreme swing. After which, the kids will run around the river bank. We’ve even strolled all the way to Boat Quay and back! Bring along the kids’ skate scooters, if you think they’re going to grumble and crumble after a few minutes of walking.

8. Esplanade

city at night

Esplanade is a beautiful place at night. Take a stroll there with your kids after dinner. You might even get to catch some free performances there!

9. Changi Airport

Need I say more? Changi Airport (especially Terminal 3) has become like a giant playground for kids in recent years. The best thing about the airport is, it’s open 24/7!

10. Marina at Keppel Bay

Marina@Keppel Bay

Now, this is one place which we’ve only been to once, at night. We brought our kids there a couple of years back, for dinner at TCC by the Bay. What our kids liked about this place was the many yachts docked at the marina. They stood there watching the yachts for a while and ran around happily the rest of the night.

So, there you go, 10 places you can bring your kids to at night during the school holidays.

But if you’re not a night owl, and would very much prefer to send the kids off to bed early so that you can have the night time to yourself, then check out these other activities you can engage your kids in during the day!

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Have you visited any other places at night with your kids? Share with us in the comments.

If you know of any other school holidays activities lists, drop me a note and I’ll include your links here.

Have a fantastic school holiday with your kids, everyone!


7 thoughts on “School Holidays Activities: Exploring Singapore at Night

  1. Hi Ing, resourceful list! I am excited over the star gazing pt 3! Am teaching my eldest about space! But can you recheck link on ‘star gazing’? Can’t access. Thanks a lot!


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