School Holiday Play: Build A Paper City

So, the June school holidays are starting. I can almost hear many parents lamenting, “What am I going to do with the kids?”

While some have already signed their kids up for enrichment classes, holiday camps or extra tuition (horrors!!!) one after another, there are also many who prefer to let their kids just chill at home.

I’m sharing this paper craft over at the Canon PIXMA Craft Ideas Blog today.

Zac and Jay made all these buildings entirely out of paper! They have a goal of making a lot more, so that they can have an entire city of paper buildings to play with during the school holiday.

If you’re interested in making these with your kids, check out our post here.

You may also want to visit Canon Creative Park or Canon PIXMA Town, for a huge selection of paper craft that you can do with your kids during the school holiday.

Happy school holiday, folks!

Disclosure: We were given a Canon PIXMA printer for review. All crafts were made by us and opinions 100% my own.


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