Social Entrepreneurs in the Making

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you might remember seeing this Facebook status of mine 3 months ago. Jay had a sudden idea to sell handmade cards to raise funds for the poor.


All of us got really excited at his idea and I wanted to help him turn it into a reality. He started using MS Paint to create some designs for his cards. Zac saw what he was doing and became interested too. Soon, both boys were sitting in front of our computers, designing cards on MS Paint.

The card-making project somehow halted, due to school work, tests and exams. I was also wondering how to help them turn their MS Paint designs into attractive handmade cards.

It was with great excitement that I discovered Canon Creative Park. With a myriad of attractive patterned papers, scrapbooking embellishments, tags and borders, I knew I had found the answer to turn my boys’ card-making dream into a reality.

We chose and printed two of their MS Paint designs, the patterned papers, tags and borders that we wanted.

I helped the boys with the cutting.

They did the arrangement and gluing.

And viola! Their handmade creations!

handmade card ingspirations 2~ Handmade by Jay ~

handmade cards canon creative park~ Handmade by Zac ~

Our two little social entrepreneurs are now moving on to turn their other MS Paint designs into more handmade cards.

As parents, it is thrilling for my hubby and me to see our kids’ excitement in turning their little ideas into a reality. It is even more rewarding to hear them talking about giving to the poor.

Every great achievement starts with an idea.
Who knows what this little idea of a 6-year-old will lead to?

Do you have an idea burning in your heart today?
Why not take the first step, however little it might be?
You’d never know where that little step might lead you to.

I am also glad to have been introduced to Canon Creative Park. It has sparked off a chain of creative ideas in my kids, especially my two boys.

Steps for making these handmade cards can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Social Entrepreneurs in the Making

  1. Haha – I now see MS paint in a different light – I never knew why people used it. I love the 3D embellishments too! Quite professional looking.

    The most important thing though is that the boys are people-minded at such a young age – rare and such an important virtue in our society.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog – I hope to read more of your creative pursuits!


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