Fathers – Memories Makers

What do you remember when you think of your father?

My father is a quiet and unassuming man. I don’t remember ever having any deep conversations with him.


What I remember are the things he has done for the family. For us kids. For me.

When I was little.

He regularly brought us for kiddy rides after dinner.
He brought us to the pool for swims and to the beach for picnics.
He patiently taught me to cycle.
He taught me to swim.

He woke up in the middle of the nights to cover us with blankets.
He woke up early every morning to drive us to school, before heading off to work.
He waited for me at the lift landing when I returned home late at night.

He is ALWAYS, even until today, just a phonecall away.
Whenever I need a lift, need help with errands, need help to fetch the kids, all I have to do is to just give him a call, and he’ll come driving.

That’s my father.
A very quiet man who seldom talks, but just consistently being there.

father's day 2014

Today, the kids made cards for their daddy.

I provided the boys with the materials. They cut and glued and wrote the words all by themselves.

It is heartwarming to read what they have written for their father.

father's day card 2014

Zac wrote:
“You are the best daddy in the world! Thank you for bringing us out!

Jay wrote:
“Thank you for all the things you have done. Especially for working for the family.”

The hubby was touched by their simple but sincere words.

Fathers are Memories Makers

Your children will grow up remembering you.

Remembering what you have done.
Remembering who you are.

More than the words you might have said, or didn’t say, they will remember the little things that you consistently do for them.

They will remember time spent with you.

They will remember you being there for them.

father's day thoughtsElly made a card for daddy too! I printed the photo, she pasted all the stickers.

On this special day for fathers, I’d like to say,

Fathers, you are important.
You hold the power as a memories-maker for your children.

Happy Father’s Day!

Share this with a father today!


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