Family Bonding: Singapore Philatelic Museum

When we think of museums, we usually think of a place where kids are not allowed to run around or make too much noise. An image of seeing but not touching is being conjured up in our mind. A place which is serious and quiet. I’d dread bringing my kids to such a place, because I would have a stressful time trying to keep them quiet and warning them not to move around too much.

Which is why I like to bring the kids to the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

We’ve been there a few times, and each time, the kids enjoyed the interactive exhibitions found in the little museum.

Since National Day is around the corner, I thought I’d introduce two of the exhibits in Singapore Philatelic Museum which tell stories of the early days of Singapore. Both exhibits were a hit with our kids and we’ve already been there twice in the past couple of months.

The Heritage Room

Philatelic Museum

This is a permanent exhibit in the Singapore Philatelic Museum. The exhibits here tell the story of early migrants who came to Singapore in the 19th century. It gives us a glimpse of how their life was like in the past. The lovely thing about this room is that children are allowed to explore, touch and play with the exhibits. Our kids had a great time playing with the drums of different races, trying on the wooden clogs (not crocs!) and exploring the hidden treasures in the display cabinet.

Singapore Philatelic Museum Heritage RoomSingapore Philatelic Museum 1Philetalic Museum Heritage Room SingaporeHeritage Room Philatelic MuseumSingapore Philatelic Museum

Spice is Nice Exhibition

singapore philatelic museum spice is nice exhibition

This is a temporary exhibition which is open until 1 December 2014. According to the Singapore Philatelic Museum website, this exhibition is “targeted at families with children and features many hands-on activities and multimedia programmes for visitors to explore and discover the development of Singapore from the 19th century”.

In other words, children are welcome to explore and touch!

Philatelic Museum spice is nice exhibitionspice is nice museumPhilatelic Museum Spice is Nicespice is nice exhibition

Now can you tell why our kids love the Philatelic Museum?

This is a lovely place to visit to let your kids have a taste of life in the early days of Singapore and to learn a little about our heritage.

More information on the Singapore Philatelic Museum and its opening hours can be found here.


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