Simple Activities for Preschoolers

Keeping a preschooler occupied can be a challenge, with their short attention span and need for guidance.

It can also be pretty tiring to keep thinking of activities to engage the preschoolers at home. I know, because I have gone through raising two preschoolers and is in the midst of raising the third one now. Boy, do I feel my energy waning at times!

So, I thought I’d share what I do to keep my little preschooler, Elly, occupied.

1. Painting

preschooler, activities, painting, kids

I have to say, this is a real life-saver. It easily gives me at least 45 minutes of peace and alone-time to take a breather or attend to whatever urgent stuff I need to.

Elly usually sits there and paints for at least 20 to 30 minutes. I guess she just enjoys painting.

When she finally gets tired of it, she usually asks if she can help me wash the palette and brushes. Some adults are surprised that I let her do the washing up herself. But I think it is good to teach her to clean up after an activity.

Moreover, it gives me another 10 minutes or so of uninterrupted time! Now, isn’t that a great idea? 😉

2. Reading

preschooler, reading, books, library

This is an activity which I have to be involved in. Elly is not able to read on her own yet. So, when she comes to me with a book, she will ask me to read it to her.

Going to the library is another great activity for preschoolers. They are usually fascinated by the shelves of story books, and will start taking the books out and browse through them. I like to bring Elly to the library and look for books together. If we are not in a hurry, I like to read her some story books there too.

3. Pretend Play

preschooler, pretend play, activities

Toddlers and preschoolers love pretend play. Give them some toys and they will be more than happy to pretend and imitate the adults. Elly enjoys pretend cooking. Her latest favourite is pretending to be a teacher, teaching her ‘class’ of soft toys!

4. Drawing with Chalk

preschooler, kids, drawing chalk

Most kids are fascinated with the chalkboard. We bought this Ikea Mala easel a while back and the person who uses this the most in our household now is our preschooler, Elly.

5. Playing with Puzzle

preschooler, play puzzles, activities, engaged kids

This is another great activity for preschoolers, both cognitively and as a bonding tool. In our home, it is more the latter, as Elly likes to ask me to fix the puzzles together with her. I am looking forward to the day when she can do this independently!

So, there you go, 5 simple activities to keep your preschooler occupied.

Share with me if you have other ideas, won’t you?


One thought on “Simple Activities for Preschoolers

  1. Simple crafts (like the sunnies we did earlier but this we do together), play dough, lego, bath/water games, dancing to music (I start with them but they can carry on themselves too). I also have a closet with games and puzzles they can’t get to themselves, so when I pick those out they are always “new” (and I also “hide” some toys and swap what is there to be played with to get them interested again). Many of them are such that they can lay with themselves. My daughter has also loved her paper dolls and doll house from the age of 3, my son can focus on his train tracks and matchbox cars for a long time.


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