Family Travel: Penang With Kids

We spent 5 days in Penang with our 3 kids and my parents during the June holiday last year. Being our first time visiting Penang, we didn’t really know what to expect and whether our kids would like it there. Turned out that we had a blast during those 5 days!

I would say that Penang is generally kids-friendly. The place is safe, food is aplenty, and the few taxi-drivers whom we met during our trip seemed to like kids too. There are kiddy rides at the malls, toys sold at night markets, and fun stuff for kids to do!

These are some of the highlights of our Penang trip with our 3 kids, who were 2, 5 and 7 years old when we visited last year.


I’ve heard so much about this place that we’ve got to bring our kids there. True enough, our boys love it! Even our 2 year-old Elly had a great time going down those long, wavy slides. My hubby and I tried the slides too, and believe me, it’s truly not for the faint-hearted.

The red, 7 metres, vertical drop slide is the scariest one I’ve ever seen. Our 2 boys courageously tried it… but only once. Their verdict? “Wah… very scary…” and didn’t dare try it again.

They prefer the blue slide, with the additional fun of plunging into a ball pool at the end.


The ones which all of us enjoyed the most are these colourful, wavy slides. We went on it countless times. My parents relaxed at the cafe outside the small area, sipping their coffee and watching us play.



There was also a less adventurous area for toddlers. Elly spent some time exploring that area, but she ended up spending most of the time at the older kids area. The brave girl still preferred going down the long and wavy slides!


This is is one place in Penang which our boys still miss. They have been wishing to go there again!

Adventure Zone is located at Golden Sands Resort, at Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang.

More info, opening hours and admission rates can be found here.


After the 2 hours of non-stop, adrenalin fun at Adventure Zone, we took a walk along the beach behind Golden Sands Resort and saw people doing parasailing. Zac wanted to try it, and so the hubby gamely took the two boys with him for their first parasailing experience!

The three of them put on their safety harnesses, which were then connected to a huge parachute-like thing, known as the parasail wing.

There was great anticipation as we waited for their turn. I’m not sure about them, but my heart was pounding hard. The thought of the three of them flying so high up in the sky already made my knees wobbly and heart feel faint!


With the guides’ help and instructions, they took off! As they lifted off the ground and floated into the air, my heart almost stopped beating. Only one word for me: SCARY!


That’s the three of them up there… being pulled along by a speedboat. They looked so tiny, so far away, drifting slowly across the sky and over the sea… Believe me, I was getting really worried.


But, pretty soon, they returned. Safely. Thank God!

Their verdict?

“It was fun!!! Not scary at all!”

Perhaps I should try it with Elly the next time! 🙂


Enough of stunts for the day. The rest of the day was spent with the kids playing peacefully and quietly at the beach. Them playing with the soft sand, while we sat there, relaxing and enjoying the breeze and beautiful sea. My parents were relaxing too, having foot reflexology at the beach. It was their first time trying foot reflexology, by the way.


It was an enjoyable day, with a good mix of excitement, fun and activities for the young and old. We had a great time of family bonding and my parents enjoyed themselves too. This is a place where we would be glad to revisit in the future.


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