A Solution for Drying Your Laundry Indoors: Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier

We just came back from a 10-day family trip to Australia. It’s back to reality for us, now that the holiday and fun is over. And this reality includes a whole load of dirty laundry to be washed… not my version of fun at all.

Although we have a dryer at home, I still hang many of our clothes out to dry, simply because certain types of clothes can shrink and be damaged when dried with the dryer.

You can imagine how dreadful it is during rainy season (which we’re in now, by the way), when clothes take a long time to dry…

So, I was glad when the folks at Novita sent over a dehumidifier for us to try out. Now, I have heard of dehumidifiers but have never used one in my life. How does it work? What has a dehumidifier got to do with laundry?

According to their brochure, Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier comes with these unique features for the effective and efficient drying of laundry:

1. Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter – This eliminates unpleasant odour from the air or garment before dehumidification begins.

2. Dehumidify – It dries your laundry by drawing in moisture from the garment. Simultaneously, warm air is released from the air outlet to further reduce the drying time.

3. Negative ions – Besides drying your clothes, the dehumidifier also produces millions of negative ions to eliminate airborne allergens and germs to provide fresh indoor air quality.

Novita dehumidifier features

With that, I washed my first load of laundry and hung them to dry using the dehumidifier.

How to Use the Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier

It is really quite easy to use the dehumidifier. All I did was to hang those clothes that needed to be dried in a bedroom and closed all the windows and door.

how to dry clothes indoor

Switch on the dehumidifier by pressing the power button.

I chose the silent mode as I did not want any noise during drying.

Novita dehumidifier review

When the unit was first switched on, the number on the display panel shows the humidity level of the room. In this case, our room had a humidity level of 80.

use of dehumidifier, singapore, humid weather

According to the manual, a humidity level of 50 is sufficient for the drying of clothes. So, that was what I chose.

Open the flab of the dehumidifier for the release of warm air.

Novita Dehumidifier review

That’s it! Only 3 simple steps.

1. Switch on dehumidifier
2. Choose mode
3. Choose humidity level

I had hung up a total of about 20 shirts, jackets and T-shirts to dry that day. It took about 6 hours to dry them in the bedroom with the dehumidifier. I usually hang my clothes out for a day or two outdoors before bringing them in. On rainy days, I can’t hang them outdoors and those clothes would have a damp feeling and take longer to dry indoors.

dry clothes with dehumidifier

A check at the 2.5 litres water tank showed that water has really been collected! It is amazing to see the amount of moisture in the clothes and in the air that has been absorbed by the dehumidifier.

dehumidifier, review, absorb moisture

What I like about the Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier:

  • It is easy to operate.
  • Besides drying of clothes, it helps to control the humidity level of the room by removing moisture from the air to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  • You can dry your clothes indoors during rainy season and do not have to be dependent on the weather for the drying of clothes.
  • The room feels dry and has a fresh smell.
  • Clothes stay fresh smelling although they are being dried indoors.
  • As the clothes were hung in an enclosed room for drying, I don’t have to worry when I was cooking, that the smell and oil from the kitchen would make the clothes stink.

Living in a country with high humidity levels, having a dehumidifier at home is good for keeping the air dry so as to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

As for the drying of laundry, I think a dehumidifier is a good option only for people who:

1. Do not dry their laundry with a dryer.
2. Have to depend on the weather (aka. Mr. Sun) to dry their laundry.
3. Have no choice but to dry their laundry indoors.
4. Have to hang out their laundry to dry but do not have someone at home to bring the clothes in when it rains.
5. Want to have a laundry drying option during rainy seasons.

For more information on Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier, check out their website.

Want to stand a chance to win a Novita Dehumidifier ND319? Check out their Spot the Taxi 2 Contest. There are 5 grand prizes of the Dehumidifier ND319 to be won. Contest details can be found on Novita’s Facebook Page.

Disclosure: Ingspirations was given a Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “A Solution for Drying Your Laundry Indoors: Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier

  1. Wow! Interesting! We used to live in HK where dehumidifiers are v common, wonder why not so here, when it’s just as humid? I have a mini one for my closet, and some small ones that you can heat up and put into your drawers, very handy. But one that can dry clothes… Mind blown!


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