Family Travel: Exploring Great Ocean Road With Kids

The hubby and I love Melbourne. We went there for our honeymoon and told ourselves that we had to go back again one day.

Went back again we did, 12 years later. This time, lugging with us 3 kids and my mother-in-law.

It was a lovely trip. A month has passed and I’m still missing Melbourne.

Good thing is, I now have a blog where I can reminisce the beautiful moments in life. So, indulge me as I put these beautiful memories into blogposts over the next few days.

Well, you can always use these as an itinerary reference too if you’re planning for a trip to Melbourne soon! πŸ™‚

12 years ago, when the hubby and I visited Melbourne, we rented a car and he was the one who did all the driving as I had no driver’s license then. He drove us along Great Ocean Road and until today, it was an unforgettable journey for us.

Great Ocean Road 12 Apostles
The 12 Apostles at Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

For this trip, we knew that we had to bring the kids and my mom-in-law to Great Ocean Road.

If you’re wondering if it is feasible to drive along Great Ocean Road with the kids, well, we have done it with 3 kids and 1 elderly. It is totally doable!

View from our car when driving along Great Ocean Road.
View from our car when driving along Great Ocean Road.

The trick is to plan your journey and have stops along the way.

There are small towns along Great Ocean Road that you can stop for a break and let the kids out of the car to release some energy.

Great Ocean Road with kids
A playground we spotted at a small town along Great Ocean Road.

We had a pleasant surprise when we saw this outdoor trampoline park. A great place for the kids to jump about after sitting in the car for hours.


Great Ocean Road drive with kids

Here’s another place where we stopped for a break, when we spotted some wild parrots. There were even koala sightings in this place. We saw a couple of them snoozing up in the trees.



Another lovely place to stop is at Gibson’s Steps, near the famous Twelve Apostles. Here, you can walk down a few flights of stairs to get onto the beach overseeing the Pacific Ocean. The sand is so soft and the beach so vast that you feel so tiny standing there. The kids played with the sand for quite a while. It felt almost surreal to be standing so close to the Pacific Ocean. Zac even remarked that he found it hard to believe that he was at the Pacific Ocean.

Gibson Steps Great Ocean Road with kids

Gibson Steps


One of the most scenic spots along the Great Ocean Road is where the Twelve Apostles are. We stopped here for another break and took lots of photographs.





So, we did it. Driving for more than 8 hours along Great Ocean Road with 3 kids (and an elderly!) is totally doable!


Tips for a Road Trip with kids along Great Ocean Road:

1. Dress comfortably.
2. Be equipped with jackets as it can get very windy when you’re out of the car.
3. Bring along snacks for the kids. A hungry child is a grouchy child!
4. Unless you’re stopping for lunch at one of the small towns along the way, pack your own lunch, especially for the kids.
5. Plan lots of stops along the way to let the kids out of the car. A confined child is another grouchy child!
6. Bring ointments, plastic bags and extra clothes. Jay had motion sickness and vomited as a result of us driving along winding roads. The other two kids were totally fine. So, if your child tends to have motion sickness, it is better to be prepared.

Have you been to the Great Ocean Road? What was your experience like?


8 thoughts on “Family Travel: Exploring Great Ocean Road With Kids

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      That depends on the kind of weather you prefer. The two times we visited were both during year end… Nov to mid Dec. We love the weather during this time as temp is about 20-25 deg cel. Even lower during November. My kids commented it was like having aircon everywhere, even at the parks. So they love it. I think autumn (Mar-May) might be a nice time to visit too.


  1. Lovely place! and you are right, blog gives the opportunity to ‘re-travel’.

    Always hear lots of goodness about Melbourne, one of my to-go list. πŸ˜‰


  2. Am going alone with my 3 kids and grandma, do you still think it is advisable to drive up with just me as the only adult? As my grandma is already 85years old, and my kids are between 6 – 10yrs old


    1. Hi Minz, that’s a tough question. Being the only adult with 3 kids and an 85-year-old could be rather challenging. As I do not know you personally, nor the health status of your grandma and the behaviours of your children, I’m sorry that I can’t comment on this. All I can say is, safety is more important. You might want to consider joining a tour to the Great Ocean Road instead of driving up there. πŸ™‚


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