Kuafu Chases The Sun {Review + Giveaway}


Besides reading to our two boys daily when they were toddlers and getting them to read on their own now that they’re older, one of the ways we got our kids to love reading is to expose them to a wide variety of books. You can read about our experience in getting our kids to love books here.

Which is why I usually welcome every opportunity to introduce new books to my kids. So, I was glad when Wild Crane Press sent us a copy of “Kuafu Chases The Sun” for review.

“Kuafu Chases The Sun” is an adaptation of the famous Chinese mythology about how a giant named Kuafu challenged the sun in a race, in order to prove himself to be the fastest giant in the world.

This version of “Kuafu Chases The Sun”, written by Rayne Ngoi, tells the story of a great and compassionate giant named Kuafu, who was loved by all the animals, “for he used his prodigious strength to come to their aid in times of great danger”. In order to save his animal friends from dying of thirst and hunger as a result of the sun that has not set for months, Kuafu decided to catch the sun to bring relief to his friends.

The story has a moving ending, as Kuafu unfortunately lost his life in his quest to save his friends.

Our 9-year-old, Zac, read this book and told us that he liked the story. When I first handed him the book, he read it in one go because he wanted to find out what happened to Kuafu in the end.

I read the story to Jay (7) and Elly (4) for their bedtime reading and Jay was captivated by the story line. Elly was too young to understand the story, but she was intently looking at the illustrations and asking me many questions!

What I Like About This Book

1. Values
The story teaches kids the values of friendship, bravery and sacrifice.

2. Descriptive language
As an educator, whenever I read a children’s storybook, I can’t help but think of how the book can be used in English lessons! Occupational hazard, isn’t it?! 🙂 And I can think of so many ways that this book can be used in my lessons. The language used is full of vivid descriptions and packed with action verbs. This is a great book to use to teach children composition writing. I can imagine students applying these sentence structures in their compositions. Here are some examples of descriptive and action-packed sentences found in the story…

“Their forked tongue spat venom which burnt down entire trees…”

“Having slaked his thirst, Kuafu regained his strength and resumed the chase.”


“The white-hot light of the sun blazed directly into Kuafu’s eyes and its scorching heat smothered him.”


3. Bold Illustrations
The illustrations in the book, especially those of Kuafu, caught the attention of my two younger kids. Honestly, I find that Kuafu looked intimidating, yet there’s a tinge of kindness and compassion in him, especially in his eyes. I think the illustrator, Wang Lu Bo, has done a great job in portraying the character through his illustrations.


Who Should Read This Book?

I think this book is good if you want to introduce Chinese mythology to your children. Most children are familiar with western fairy tales, but not many are exposed to non-western myths and fables.

This book can also be useful as a teaching tool for children to learn varied sentence structures, descriptive language and the use of action verbs.

Overall, I find this a good book to add to our home library, as we do not have any books on Chinese mythology.


Want to own a copy of this book?

Wild Crane Press is giving away 3 copies of Kuafu Chases The Sun to 3 readers of Ingspirations!

To enter the Giveaway, simply complete these 2 simple steps in the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post:

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Giveaway ends 30th January 2015.
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Enter the Giveaway here.

Disclosure: Ingspirations was given a copy of Kuafu Chases The Sun for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions are my own.


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