Family Travel: Melbourne City With Kids

When we first stepped foot in Melbourne, the thing that welcomed us was the cool weather. Our kids were thrilled to experience what they called “outdoor aircon”, something which they don’t get to experience in Singapore.

There are plenty to do and visit in Melbourne. These are some of the places we visited which are a hit with our kids.

1. Eureka Skydeck

See the city from the 88th storey.

eureka skydeck

2. Werribee Open Range Zoo

This is a not-for-profit zoo dedicated to fighting wildlife extinction. All the animals, as the name suggests, are in open range settings. We travelled around in this open range zoo bus.

werribee open range zoo werribee open range zoo with kids werribee open range zoo werribee open range zoo werribee open range zoo werribee open range zoo fun for kids

3. Botanic Gardens in Melbourne City


4. Walking around Melbourne City

melbourne city

melbourne city


The kids had fun. The adults were recharged. We love Melbourne!

Read about our drive along Great Ocean Road with kids here.


8 thoughts on “Family Travel: Melbourne City With Kids

  1. Gotta to bookmarked the places that you highlighted! Fingers crossed on making the plan live this year!

    Oh, you mentioned on damaging the wallet… i better double check my bank account ^^|||.


    1. LOL! Hope your plan materialises. BTW, your Scotland trip looks fun! Would love to visit one day… I’m pretty sure it’s also quite damaging to the wallet. 😉 Haha.


  2. I’m sure my kids would love Weribee zoo! I’ve been to Melbourne several times, but never visited the zoo. Maybe coz all my trips were done before I had kids.. haha! Walked around the city a lot before though. Reading your post makes me miss Melbourne. Thank you for linking up on Travel Tuesday! 🙂


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