Messy Play in a Box: My Messy Box {Review + Giveaway}

Messy play is not something new to our 3 kids. From as young as 2 years of age, all 3 of them have experienced some form of messy play at home. You can read more about some of our messy play at home here, here, here, here and here. 🙂

The wonderful thing about messy play for young children is that they get to explore and create freely. There are endless opportunities for learning and imagining. Messy play also helps young children develop their fine motor skills and hand-and-eye coordination.

The not so wonderful thing about messy play for adults is the cleaning up! Which is why many parents shun messy play. As I have shared before, I know of parents who refused to let their kids engage in any form of messy play at home because of the dread of cleaning up or the fear of messing up the house.

My view is, kids are little only once. The benefits of messy play far outweigh the hassle of cleaning up.

Moreover, with a little planning and preparation, the mess can be easily contained and the cleaning up is not really that scary. What I usually do is let my kids have their messy play either along the corridor outside or at the balcony. We have even tried using the bathroom! If we’re indoors, I make sure that a mat is placed on the floor before the kids start their messy play. So, all we need to do after that is to clean up the mat.

If you wish to let your kids experience messy play, but do not have the time or resources to plan for it, you might be glad to know that someone out there has done the planning and sourcing of the materials for you.

They are known as My Messy Box.


My Messy Box is a monthly subscription box that is filled with activities that encourage messy and sensory play for the little ones, especially preschoolers (aged 3-6). The box is delivered personally to your home monthly and your child gets to enjoy endless opportunities for fascinating discovery while developing her fine motor skills, co-ordination and concentration.

It allows children to engage their senses and learn through exploration, discovery and meaningful play.

Each month, My Messy Box comes with 3 pre-designed packages, named ‘A,C,E’, which stands for Active, Creative and Explorative.


The Creative Pack is filled with materials for 2 to 3 craft activities. They even provide a small mat which can be taped to the table or floor so that you can contain the mess! I find that really thoughtful.


When I showed my 4-year-old Elly the craft materials, she could not wait to start. She had a lovely time pressing and playing with the glittery cloud dough. Jay saw her playing and could not resist joining in. It was fun for him too, although he’s already 7.


Elly proceeded with the second craft, which required her to paint a wooden treasure chest. All the materials (including the paint and the brush) are provided in the pack.


The craft ideas are designed in such a way that requires little parental involvement. In fact, parents are encouraged to focus on the process of the craft instead of the final product. I simply left Elly on her own to do the 2 crafts. She was quietly creating for a good 30 minutes or so.

The Active Pack consists of toys and figurines for your child to role-play with while the Explorative Pack provides the base material for your child to engage in sensory play.

The base material for sensory play that came in our box is a pack of jelly. When we soaked the jelly in water, they grew bigger and turned into an interesting shape.


These are some of the toys and figurines that came in our box. The theme for our box is Sea of Dreams. I simply left everything in the plastic box, filled it with some water, and let Elly explore and play.


Again, Jay wanted to join in the fun and it was great for me to see the siblings exploring and playing together happily.

What We Like About My Messy Box

  • A great alternative for busy parents.

For the busy (or clueless) parents who do not have the time or ideas to put together materials for messy play, the planning and sourcing of materials are done for you. All you need to do is to open the box, give your kids one (or all) of the packages provided, sit back and let them explore, create and play!

  • A variety of activities.

There are ample activities and materials included in the monthly box to provide endless opportunities for play.

  • A starting point for more creative and messy play ideas.

You do not have to be limited by the materials provided. What you can do is to mix the items in the box with your own toys and materials available at home. In this way, your kids get to have more exploration and play ideas. I left my two kids on their own and when I returned to check on them, I found them blowing bubbles into the box of water. Jay later asked for ice cubes and they continued playing and exploring. Children have the opportunity to be engaged in open-ended play, which I think is really great!


My Messy Box comes with 3 subscription plans:

  • 1 month: $34
  • 6 months + free basic toolkit: $192
  • 12 months + free premium toolkit: $360

These are the items included in the premium toolkit:

Premium Toolkit (for 12 months subscription)
Premium Toolkit (for 12 months subscription)

* A basic toolkit includes the plastic box, pail, scoops and apron.

For more information about My Messy Box, check out their website or Facebook Page.
Sign up for their mailing list on their website now and you get to download free reward charts for your kids.


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Giveaway ends 28 February 2015.

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Can’t wait for the Giveaway to end to try out My Messy Box?

Here’s another piece of good news.

My Messy Box is giving all readers of Ingspirations a 5% discount if you place an order on their website.

Simply enter the discount code ING5 upon checkout when you order your box.

Let your kids have a chance to enjoy some messy play when they are still little!

Disclosure: Ingspirations was given a complimentary My Messy Box and the premium toolkit for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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