Rock Climbing at The Cliff

Rock-climbing is gaining popularity in recent years. Our boys had their first rock-climbing experience about two years ago and they enjoyed it despite the slight difficulties they faced climbing up the steep rock walls for the first time.

The kids had their second try at rock-climbing a few weeks ago, this time at The Cliff which is located outside Snow City.

The Cliff is the latest rock-climbing facility to be built in Singapore, which uses the international Vertigo Climbing System. This system was last used locally at the 2012 World Youth Climbing Championship held in Singapore. The Cliff features 10 climbing lanes of various difficulty levels and is the first Vertigo Climbing System to be installed at a permanent location locally.


Our two boys couldn’t wait to start their rock-climbing session. The friendly trainers on site helped the kids put on their safety harnesses and gave them some instructions on what to do.


Zac was the first to go. He climbed pretty quickly for the first few steps. It seemed easy! However, halfway up the walls, he stopped and could be seen struggling to take the next step. He was obviously exhausted. We cheered him on while the trainer shouted out the colour of the rock on the wall for him to take the next step.

Soon, he reached the top and all of us cheered!


Next was Jay’s turn. He, too, struggled a little at mid-point but persevered and kept going, while the rest of us cheered him on. He was extremely pleased when he was able to climb all the way up to the top.


Although I have not tried rock-climbing before, I think it is not an easy feat. The hubby gave it a go that day and exclaimed that it was tiring! So, we were tremendously proud of the kids who were able to climb all the way up to the top of the rock walls not once, not twice, not thrice…. but many times that day!

The hubby trying out rock-climbing.
The hubby trying out rock-climbing.

Seeing her two brothers having fun at rock-climbing, our 4-year-old Elly wanted to give it a go too. The trainer immediately got her a tiny-sized harness and off she went up the rocks. She managed to climb only up to the second square and wanted to come down. Nevertheless, we gave her hi-fives when she was down on the ground. Not too bad, to have tried rock-climbing at 4 years of age!


The kids went up and down the rock walls many times that morning. The trainers even conducted a mini-race for all the children and the child who was able to climb up the most number of squares got to win a prize.

the-cliff-snowcity-singaporeAt The Cliff, besides the usual rock-climbing facilities, there is also a 15-metre tower where participants 7 years old and above can try abseiling. If you’ve been to the army, you should know how abseiling feels like!

The trainers briefed the kids (and the two daddies in attendance that day who wanted to have a go at abseiling) and assisted them with their safety harnesses, gloves and helmets.

They were then instructed to climb up the 15-metre tower.

The kids abseiled down the 15-metre tower one at a time. The rest of us mommies were on the ground, busy cheering them on and taking photos and videos of their abseiling adventure. It was a rare experience. How many kids in Singapore could say that they have abseiled from a 15-metre tower before? 🙂


All in all, our kids had a wonderful time at The Cliff.

If you’re looking for rock-climbing and abseiling programmes for your children, be sure to check out The Cliff at Snow City.

You might also be interested in their Junior Climbing Academy, which offers climbing programmes for individuals and schools, and is open to those aged between 5 and 18 years old.

Details of the Junior Climbing Academy are as follows:

The eight-week programmes will expose young participants to the fun of climbing, by guiding them in basic climbing techniques and bouldering. Older attendees may also learn proper belaying and climbing techniques.

Price: $240 (valid until June 2015)
Course duration: 8 weeks (once a week; 90min / session)

For more information, please email:

Disclosure: Ingspirations was invited to a “Dare To Climb” Event at The Cliff. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Rock Climbing at The Cliff

  1. WOW!! Those walls are no joke! I am terrified of heights but I tried a rock climbing wall once…it will be my last. I didn’t make it a fraction of the way up before realizing it was a mistake for me! lol


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