FoodLine: A Solution To Your Catering Needs

Friends have asked me, “How do you cope with housework, kids, work and cooking?”

This question is usually followed by, “So do you cook every day?”

My answer is “I wish to, but I can’t!” I am not sure how the Supermoms cope, but I am definitely not one. I prepare lunch for the kids on most weekdays, but can only manage to have home-cooked dinner maximum twice in a week.

Last year, I was so tired of cooking that I decided to try out tingkat dinners. With the go-ahead from the hubby, I went googling for the healthiest, tastiest and most economical caterer in town. It was difficult to find a good one. Our tingkat experience lasted for only a month, much to the relief of my kids, who were so sick of the tingkat food that they actually missed my cooking. 🙂

I wish I had known about FoodLine last year. FoodLine is a Singapore-based catering portal featuring more than 100 caterers and over 5,000 reviews and photographs by past customers. To date, more than 31,500 households and organisations have catered from FoodLine. That is quite an amazing number of customers.

The wide assortment of caterers available ranges from Halal, non-Halal, Indian, vegetarian, bento, high-tea, to wedding, baby shower, barbeque, tingkat and their latest addition, cakes and desserts. It is a great one-stop portal for customers who are searching for the best caterers to meet their specific needs.

As a person with a sweet tooth, I was especially attracted to their latest cakes and desserts section. There are currently 16 caterers offering delish-looking cakes, desserts and even ice-cream catering! There are also cake packages for Baby’s First Month.

Cake Packages for Baby's First Month
Lovely Cake Packages for Baby’s First Month

What I like about FoodLine is the honest reviews by their past customers. Customers who have ordered from them can review and rate the caterers after their event. This is a great quality assurance as the reviews affect each caterer’s reputation and ranking on the site. In this way, caterers have a commitment to ensure quality of food and service to all customers of FoodLine.

If you are undecided on a caterer, you can refer to the reviews and personal photographs posted on the site by past customers to help you make a more informed decision.

For more information, visit

Disclosure: This is an advertorial by FoodLine. Opinions are my own. Images source:


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