Geronimo Stilton Comprehension Pawbooks {Review + Giveaway}

Zac bought his first Geronimo Stilton story book when he was in Primary 1, after seeing some of his classmates reading the colourful books. That’s the power of peer influence.

When he finished reading that first book, he asked for another, and another… Whenever we passed by POPULAR Bookstores, he would dash excitedly straight to the Geronimo Stilton section to check if the latest title has been published.

We ended up buying one Geronimo Stilton book after another.

Two rows of the boys' Geronimo Stilton Collection.
Two rows of the boys’ Geronimo Stilton Collection.

Jay took over these books when he was 6 years old, after Zac moved on to other books.

With two Geronimo Stilton fans in our family, I was glad to receive these Geronimo Stilton Academy Comprehension Pawbooks from Scholastic recently.


As a former Primary School teacher, I am aware that Comprehension is one of the components of English that many children struggle with. When kids are being shown a long comprehension passage, it is not unusual to see frowns on their faces.

Can these Geronimo Stilton Comprehension Pawbooks get children interested in Comprehension?

When I showed our two boys the books, they were attracted to them and started browsing through them. As least the books got their attention. I don’t think they would show that much interest if I were to hand them a few comprehension assessment books! I believe part of the reason has to be that they were already fans of the series.


Children naturally learn better when they are interested and engaged in the subject. The Geronimo Stilton Comprehension Pawbooks build on children’s interest in Geronimo Stilton, thus increasing children’s motivation to read. This in turn helps to develop their reading comprehension skills.

What We Like About The Comprehension Pawbooks

  • Colourful Words

Comprehension passages were printed in typical Geronimo Stilton style, literally with colourful words. The words that are printed in colours are usually words that make the story more interesting, such as adjectives and verbs. Our boys find these more interesting than reading the usual comprehension passages from school and assessment books. This is a good way to gain your child’s interest in comprehension if he/she finds typical comprehension passages boring.


  • Variety of activities

After reading the passage, there are different activities that children can do. These activities are designed to help develop children’s comprehension skills.

Circle the correct answer
Circle the correct answer
Story sequencing
Story sequencing
Fill in the blanks
Fill in the blanks
  • Captivating graphics

Instead of the usual plain comprehension exercises that children are exposed to in school worksheets and assessment books, these Comprehension Pawbooks are filled with colourful graphics that are able to draw the readers into the stories.

  • Develop comprehension skills

The comprehension skills covered in these books include predicting, inferring, sequencing, comparing and contrasting, recalling details and main ideas, drawing conclusions, summarizing, giving reasons and stating opinions and point of view.

There are 3 books in this series, in increasing levels of difficulty.


The Geronimo Stilton Academy Comprehension Pawbook 1 to 3 are retailing at S$9.40 each (before GST) and are available at POPULAR Bookstores.

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Disclosure: Ingspirations was gifted a set of Geronimo Stilton Academy Comprehension Pawbooks 1 to 3 for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions are my own.


17 thoughts on “Geronimo Stilton Comprehension Pawbooks {Review + Giveaway}

  1. I like the gradation of comprehension in this 3 series of books so that my girls will not be overwhelmed by the jargon and terms in reading and understanding. I hope I could win them so that I can walk through with them step by step. Thanks


  2. My 6yo is kinda stuck in the picture book phase and struggles with reading longer stories and reading comprehension. Hope these books will interest and inspire him to start reading GS too!


  3. My boy has one set of GERONIMO STILTON’s all about Christmas series. I hope to add on into his collection since he love Geronimo Stilton book so much. That’s one way to encourage him reading more books than hook on computer game.



  4. My boys are fans of G.S! We borrowed a whole set from a friend and they’re hooked. My son saw your post and got highly excited saying he saw these books in the bookshop. So here I am entering on his behalf…lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My girl love Geronimo Stilton a lot. We borrow quite a lot of books from library. Hope she can own a set of it and share it with her cousin too. It is a good habit to start love reading from young. Hope to be the lucky one please. Thanks.


  6. These comprehension pawbooks will be such a great help to the very essential comprehension skills of every student, especially my younger one who is really not an avid reader yet!
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  7. I would like to motivate my kid’s reading interest through these colorful & interactive books which will help her develops good comprehensive skills in time to come.


  8. Hi I’m not aware of these books until u shared! Looks interesting and engaging for the kids! Would love to win it!


  9. I will like to win for my P1 boy as the colourful illustration will attract him to read the passage and try out the comprehension. Learning through a fun way. 😊


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