INTERPLAY: Where Science Meets Art

Most people think of Science and Art as two very different and distinct subjects. If you think it is un-un-un-un-un-believable that you can combine Art and Science, you’ve got to check out INTERPLAY, the latest exhibition at Singapore Science Centre.

INTERPLAY is a truly unique experiential exhibition that blends Art and Science together with technology. The exhibition features 21 installations by both international and local artists.

As members of the Science Centre, we are regular visitors. Our kids were delighted to have a chance to visit a new exhibition and according to them, INTERPLAY is one of the best exhibitions that they have visited at the Science Centre!

The unique thing about this exhibition is, you’ve got to interact with the installations and experience them for yourself. There are some exhibits which require you to find your own interpretation and figure out what is actually going on. So, I’m not going to be a spoiler by revealing all the “secrets” here.

All I can say is, our family had a blast trying out all the installations.

Here are some highlights of our INTERPLAY experience.

– Sandbox Ocean –

A multi-user interactive installation which brings together physical and digital environments.


– Recollection Six –

An installation that invites participants to move while standing in front of a large video screen. Find out what happens when you move.


– O. Lhar (Look) –

It took us a while to figure this out. But once we got it, it was fun. Jay and even little Elly played with this installation for a long time, until we had to urge them to go try the others before we ran out of time!


– A Matter of Factory –


– Graffiti Wall –

This has to be the only place in Singapore where you can openly spray graffiti on a wall. Without getting fined. πŸ˜‰


– Digital Puppetry –

An interactive installation where you can alter your appearance in playful ways. This is where the kids let out the most squeals and laughter.



– Game Border –

This is a digital game where you can move the characters from one machine to another.

Zac and Jay waited patiently to try out this installation, which only allows one player at a time. So, it is a good idea to go during off-peak periods if you want to have a go at this.


– Deep Space –

This is a multidimensional space that allows visitors to experience clear images, some in 3D versions. We would have loved to stay longer in this exhibit if not for the fact that it was near closing time. I would recommend going to this installation first if you’re visiting.



– Temporal Distortion –

A five-screen video installation that transforms your movements into distorted images.


– AR-Muse –


– Do Undo –

This is another exhibit which gets the kids’ laughing and giggling, as they watched their movements being recorded, played and re-played backwards.


INTERPLAY is a temporary exhibition staged at the Annex of the Singapore Science Centre, from 30 May to 16 August 2015.

Opening Hours:
Daily (10 am – 6pm)

Ticket Price:
Adult: S$13
Child: S$9

For more information, visit the Science Centre Website.

Disclosure: Ingspirations was invited to the media preview of INTERPLAY – Where Science Meets Art. No monetary compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.


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