StickerKid: Durable Name Labels for Kids {Review + Discount Code}

I am no stranger to name labels for kids. Ever since our eldest started going to school (that’s more than 6 years ago!), I have bought name labels from different stores. With three kids in the family now, I have bought my fair share of name labels for each one of them over the years.

The latest brand for kids’ name labels that I am being introduced to is Sticker Kid.

The unique thing about this brand is its origin. All their products are being shipped from Switzerland! How cool is that?

Ordering from their website is also an easy process. Simply choose the type of labels you want.

You can customise your name labels by entering the name, choosing the font type and size, as well as the background colours and icons. I like the simple and fuss-free process. The wonderful thing about StickerKid labels is that there is an option for Chinese characters. This is great for children with Chinese names.


I ordered a trial pack for Elly and she was thrilled when the package arrived in the letter box. They shipped to Singapore from Switzerland using Priority Post.

The labels arrived neatly packed, with clear instructions on how to use them.

My favourite has to be the shoe stickers. Prior to discovering StickerKid, I labelled my kids’ school shoes by writing their names on the soles of their shoes with a permanent marker! Not the prettiest, I know. With these shoe stickers, I can easily stick the labels into Elly’s shoes. The curved side fits perfectly into her shoes.


The small stickers that I ordered are small enough even for items such as pencils.


Elly was excited to label many of her personal belongings with her StickerKid labels.


Their stickers for clothes are supposed to be extra durable and can be machine washed up to 45 times. All you need to do is to iron the clothes stickers onto your child’s clothes with a very hot iron for about 20 seconds. The amazing thing is, these clothes labels can be removed just as easily with a hot iron.

It would be great if the clothes stickers come in vibrant colours too, instead of just black or white and without icons.

Overall, I find StickerKid name labels to be simple and affordable. Their ordering process is fuss-free and delivery is prompt.

With the new school year starting in a couple of months’ time, you might want to get some name stickers to label your kids’ personal belongings.

Good news!

Here’s a 10% discount code for readers of Ingspirations when you order your name labels from StickerKid!

Sinply key in 10discountSGSTICKERKID when you check out.

Happy Labelling! 🙂

Disclosure: Ingspirations received a complimentary Trial Pack of name labels from StickerKid for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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